What is happening to me

I cant stop myself by myself. I cant tell anyone how bad its got but starting day 1 for the third thim this week… I rationalise everything so I can justify it . . but I know it has to stop


This chapter of the big book is my Favorite. It helps me keep it real.

Stay connected. This place is here 24/7.


And, it is okay to ask for help. Some of us ultimately had to go to treatment facilities and that’s okay too. Whatever it takes, is whatever it takes. Or we risk losing everything. Best wishes.


try a meeting wish you well


Understanding and admitting we have a problem is major step in the right direction if we want to stop the progression of alcoholism

You can tell us if you wish. It got pretty bad for most of us.

I cycled through that for years! But it’s very common even with self named weekend drinkers.

Out all weekend, Sunday that’s are depressed and swear they are easing it off or stopping for a while. As the week progresses the bad memories fade and the bozzy weekend is repeated.

For me I knew I was close to one bad binge away from losing my career that I’d built up after hit rock bottom previously, my wife would have left depending on what happened during the binge, my kids not living with me.

I read a book called this naked mind, SMART RECOVERY helped me a lot, meetings helps some people too. This community is great for daily focus as well.

I slipped on Friday after over 3 years mate, which has shocked me, scared me and pissed me off. I know where I have gone wrong and have some changes to make.

I wish you well. You are not alone, we can do this if we want it and seek the help we need.

God bless :pray: