What I've been up to

I’m on day 220. Quick recap from day one. Wife and I split. I moved to my brothers. 4 months later, wife and I got back together and got a place. We have 3 wonderful kids. Covid has been hard. I’m still working at Amazon.

A week ago, wife left for good this time. She moved back up to her mom’s nearly 2 hours away. During my work week I come home to nothing for the kids are with her during these times. Normally in this situation I would drink myself stupid, but as I’ve said I have made it to 220 days.

I just spend my time watching Youtube shows and playing video games. I am always tired because I don’t sleep good these days. I have no motivation to clean up the house even though I am the only one here.

I just dont know what to do with myself anymore. Thanks for listening.


It certainly sounds like you are dealing with a lot of strong emotions and feelings. It is incredible you have reached out, and remained sober.

What do you need at this moment in time? A list of healthy coping mechanisms, a meaningful distraction, or would you like to express more but privately? Reach out to anyone!

Are you safe?


Danny!!! I’ve wondered where you were! I’m so glad you’re back and still sober :heart: thank you for the update. I’m sorry about your wife. I know that’s been a struggle for you two. It’s hard on top of everything else with Covid to get out of a rut. Well know that I’m rooting for you to get back into the game of life and be happy. Big hugs and stick around :hugs:

Thanks guys. It ended in better terms so I guess there is that. We are still best friends. She gave me the whole im a great husband and father, but she’s just broken beyond repair. She didn’t want me to hurt anymore so she left. I hurt more then ever now, but atleast she doesn’t have to see it I guess.

I am sober and I am safe, just unsure where to go from here.


Well, we are here for you, always. I know it’s not an easy road for you. But I’m proud of you that you’ve stayed sober. It will get better with time. Stay the course and take care of you.

It sounds like it’s still very fresh, maybe try not to worry at the moment about where you go from here, just take some time to rest and catch yourself, focus on sobriety, if you keep sobriety, the rest will follow when it is ready to.

That all sounds really hard. It will take time to get used to a new rhythm. You are doing great by staying sober through a challenging time.

How nice to hear from you and congratulations on your 220 days. I am sorry about your relationship. I know for myself, there was always a long period of floundering around after relationships ended. It is okay to be in a place of not knowing and restlessness. It is really positive you are not drinking at your emotions. :heart::hugs::heart:

Again. Thank you. Yea I’m just floating around these days. Might have a friend over tomorrow and just get lost in some video games so I guess I’m just in the distraction stage.