What kind of support to ask for

Curious… when you reach out to others for help when you’re craving… what kind of support are you looking for? Long term advice? Short term help? I clearly need to specify what kind of help I need when I reach out and I’m craving. I know the long term fixes, but in the moment whether it’s a moment, day or week that you’re struggling with, what specifically are you looking for?

I think sometimes it is just about knowing other people are there. When people respond it can give you something to take you out of your own head and remind you that there might be something to keep on track for. What do you think?

How are you doing today?

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I’m a long term girl. I like to map out my future. I know in A.A. we’re supposed to take it one day at a time but thats not my nature, i tend to rush things.


It always helps to know someone’s listening and cares. I usually reach out to one or two people regularly when I need it and I get the same responses which just aren’t helping anymore, but I don’t know what I want/need to hear. I got in a fight with one of them because neither of us know what I’m looking for anymore.

But overall I’m ok. I relapsed for a week after 2 years sober. I’m working on day 3 now but I mentally feel like I just jumped right back into my 2+ years which is ok with me .


When I’m in the moment & struggling I need someone to talk me off the ledge. When I’m at that point I’m not thinking clearly and can easily rationalize my way to acting out. I need them to remind me a) it’s really not worth it, b) the craving will pass, c) what I’m experiencing is normal, d) to think about what I’ll feel like if I give in to the craving and to not judge me for feeling the way I feel. I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for. But that’s what I have right now.


I guess if we keep asking the same questions then we get the same answers. I can totally relate to not knowing what I’m looking for, sometimes I get a bit too hung up on trying to find myself I think.

Glad you’re back on the wagon and feeling good about it :blush:

Maybe try a meeting get a sponsor so you he can support you when you have craving wish you well

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I said almost the exact same thing to my long time sober friend right before I got sober. She said to me

“ right…and how’s that been working out for you? Have you ever considered that your need to incessantly plan the future could be in someway contributing to your addiction?!”

I told her to eff off.

But then I sat and thought about it. Clearly the way I thought things needed to get done had some flaws in it. If it didn’t I’d be happy healthy and well adjusted.
Then I decided to jump. I got out of my own way and opened myself up to the idea of getting through the day one day at a time. It’s a huge shift. And, it’s not without its bumps and bruises. But, it has kept me sober for 655 days.

I hate it when my friend is right.

Good luck out there today!