What kinda music gets you through the day

Mine is metalcore


Postcore, emo/screamo, hardcore mostly.

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My days run from Judas Priest, to Emmure. Stressful days tend to lean a bit more towards Hatebreed, Terror, Throwdown, etc. and the easier days are usually all over the place.

I’m bummed I never got to see Type O Negative live, and they played here somewhat regularly. Have you checked out A Pale Horse Named Death? It’s Sal Abruscato’s (OG Type O Negative drummer), and Johnny Kelly’s (drummer for Type O, who replaced Sal) band.

The good kind!Lol.

I listen to all kinds of music…Except Country…
:thinking:…Well i like Johnny Cash.
If I’m stressing out a little? I listen to stuff Like Tool, Perfect Circle…Sometimes even Weezer.
If i trying to get motivated? definitely anything Super Heavy!!

Like @C-sun linked, join us on the metal thread.

I love all types of metal, from Dio to Cannibal Corpse

I have a soft spot for classic rock and alternative too.


Joe satriani … life in a blue dream :sunglasses: