What Pop Songs Charge You Up?

REM, Stones, Danzig, etc.

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My go-to is ‘Fight Song’ - Rachel Platten


i am not sure how to capture sound for this, but “Leaving New York” is one of my favorite REM songs


Almost anything with a good strong beat. I like all sorts of genres of music. REM is a great band. I’ll have to check that song out. My running Playlist is all over the place. Rap, pop, grunge type music, alternative… Even have some KPop on there thanks to my daughter. Anything with a steady beat gets me pumped up!


Miracles from Jefferson Starship
Marty Balin is not my favorite, but good on this song.

Sweet Child o mine by guns n roses was playing while I was on my way to the hospital to give birth to my one and only child. It always cheers me up.


Heard this in the car yesterday and was dying to dance to it!:grin:

Oh that’s a good one!! Now it’s playing in my head. Thanks. :joy::joy::wink:

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Thanks Donna. Can’t get it out of my head now :joy: :joy:. Great song though.

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Steal my sunshine- lin
Werewolves of london -Warren zevon
Stuck in the middle -Steelers wheels
Joy to the world- 3 dog night not the Christmas song lol
Boogie shoes -kc and the sunshine band

Plenty more but that will do for now :v:


A little old school but it’s #1 on my playlist…:point_up::blush::radio::loud_sound::notes::notes::notes:

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Oh @Jane.c I’m going to have to add It Takes Two to my running :running_man: Playlist! That’s a great one.

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Omg! I love this song! If you’ve never seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine, this song is the pinnacle moment of the movie. Great, very weird film.

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I’ll check it out! The video looks like it took all of $50 to make, lol!

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This song gets me very hyped. It’s on every fitness related playlist I have, it’s on my pre-show hype playlist…I lost my ENTIRE mind when I saw them last year.

One of my favs… it keeps me motivated

My taste in music is extremely diverse. Not usually into a lot of pop, but when this one rotates onto my Pandora it always gets me to turn up the volume. Didnt realize he was so young til I saw the video.

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