What’s one of your Bonus side effects to going alcohol free:


I was just thinking today about all the drugs and stuff they are out there advertising and selling everyone to fix things that would go away if we all stopped drinking. I’ve a spot on my arm that I had tested for everything to make sure it wasn’t cancer or something else bad. Doctors said “I don’t know, must some kind of allergy” it went away 1.5 weeks after I stopped drinking on its own. REALY?!? This shit is poison.


How long to notice improvements? Lol my face is definately bloated!


Here’s what I’ve noticed, in no particular order.

  1. Better, longer, deeper sleep
  2. Lost weight
  3. Regular potty time
  4. Lower Blood Pressure
  5. More energy
  6. I can driver wherever, whenever I want
  7. Money in the bank
  8. Fuller, deeper relationships

I think those are the big ones.


My BP dropped from 140/90 to 90/60 after I became sober, a really positive change :star_struck:


I’m all excited to check mine tonight!


Keeping my fingers crossed for you :grinning:


More sleep, I love it although my kids won’t let me have it :joy: and plenty of compliments :heart:


Being able to buy jewelry and not pawn it the next day


The first time I was 8 months sober it took me months to lose weight but I did lose 27lbs during that time! I was super happy! Now i need to lose it again lol!


Sleep! That’s my best effect and no anxiety lol


I like not constantly wondering if I smell like booze, or if I look hungover. I had gum and mints stashed everywhere. I kept visine in my purse and wore lots of lotion and perfume. I used to never lave the house without mkeup. Now I am less self conscious and more confident in general.


Hell yea!! I never wear makeup!


Is it me or does it seem super obvious now when you see other people doing these things like we used to and you think to yourself… that guys a wreck. Why is he even trying to hide it. shit I wasn’t fooling anyone but myself!


For me it’s the crazy cycle of waking up feeling like shit, with the first thoughts in my mind being guilt, shame and despair, vowing to stop today once and for all, going through the work day white knuckling it, having thoughts in the mid afternoon that just one more day won’t kill me or finding other excuses, driving home knowing I’m going to cave, and finally spending the whole evening in oblivion only to wake up the next morning to start the whole thing all over again. Wanting to stop something so badly and having a million reasons to stop but still not being able to do so is the definition of insanity! And pure hell!! For the past 5 days I haven’t had to live like that. I look forward to waking up tomorrow morning for Day 6, still free from that shame and guilt.


Yes!!! Waking up guilt and anxiety free is amazing!


Every day feels like a miracle!


It sure does!! I wake up and I’m like ‘I’m not hungover’ woohoo!!!


I have to pick 1 thing? What isn’t better when being sober? I can’t think of a single thing that’s enhanced when being a drunk.

Waking up is better. Going to work is better. Driving is better. Spending time with my kids is better. Spending time with my wife is better. Watching the game is better. Playing the game is better. Eating is better. Making food is better. Paying rent is better. Seeing my family is better. And the list goes on to infinity.


It took awhile, a couple of months at least.


More time
More $$$ since I don’t have to expense on alchohol
More sleep
Less anxiety for health issues