What’s one of your Bonus side effects to going alcohol free:


Echoing what everyone has said.

I was really surprised at how the whites of my eyes are actually white now instead of gray.

I’ve lost 8 lbs, and I simply could not lose weight before. No matter how I tracked macros, lifted, trained…alcohol had hijacked my metabolism even if I accounted for the extra calories.

Im waking up every day before my alarm and full of energy. Thankfully it’s stabilizing now because last week I was a bit manic.

I’m able to get to the gym because I’m either not hungover or not in a hurry to get home for that first glass of wine.


I honestly thought my metabolism bought a one way ticket to anywhere but here. The way my body is reacting to 3 weeks is like it’s just been trying And trying and I kept destroying and destroying and now it’s full blast within the chains I kept putting on it.
It was like running with a weight belt on and I suddenly took it off.


There are so many. I am almost at 8 months sober now. Sleep is amazing. The anxiety has subsided. I feel clear headed and proud of myself every single day. It has been interesting doing all the same things sober now. Sometimes challenging, sometimes easy. But always worth it. Always.


It IS poison. It affects the whole body in a negative way.
I lost weight, my neurodermatitis and rosacea became much better to handle (they’re not gone but I am not looking like a crab any more), my stomach doesn’t hurt any more, way better concentration, hashimoto and blood pressure are under control, better hair growth, way better sleep, feelings are still fucked up sometimes but I can handle them way better. I don’t have to numb them any more. I can go anywhere anytime or friends can come visit me now anytime bc I am sober and not constantly hangover.


Oh yes the gums! And I always had perfume in my bag although I hate perfume. I didn’t want anyone smell the alcohol so I was covering it with a mix of gum and perfume. I surely was “breathtaking” lol


Agree with this so much. Every. Damn. Thing.


I have been able to do so much lately. I realized how often I would put off plans because I knew I’d need time to either be drunk or be hungover and dumb from the vodka intake. I’m over here going… yeah, how’s Saturday from 4-6. Cool, let’s get that done on Friday night. I’m free Monday morning at 8am. Crazy. And I feel you about the :arrow_up: and downs. I’m starting week 4 tomorrow night at 8pm so I’m still in that stage where my body chemistry and emotions are getting worked out. But like you said not being drunk… makes it way easier to figure it out.


I feel like everything Sobriety has given me, big and small has been a blessing.

I guess something I would consider a bonus would be not wondering what embarrassing thing I did the night before. Not having to worry about seeing in laws or friends after a big night of drinking. That’s definitely a bonus!


One great thing is that if I promise someone I’ll do something in a week’s time or be somewhere or attend an event, I know I’ll do it or be there.

No more letting people down, dropping out at the last minute, realising I’m too drunk to move :slightly_smiling_face:.


Oh that’s a good one! When I make plans a week in advance I still catch myself wondering if I’ll follow through. And quickly remind myself I won’t be hung over so if I cancel it will be for a good/valid reason.


I’m not sure which part I like better… waking up knowing I didn’t do anything I regret or waking up and automatically panicking and then remembering I didn’t Di anything to panic about cause I didn’t black out last night.

Two kick ass sides of the same kick ass coin.


Good morning. So I’m feeling great. Yesterday I turned down a football match (all day bender) instead I took my kids to McDonald’s, bowling and arcade. I’m booked onto a weekend in Scotland with my mates soon (stag do, massive bender) I’ve now pulled out of going and booked a holiday with my family instead. Alcohol has ruled so much of my life and I’m glad I’m free now, even though in the early stages. I’m off to work at 8am on a Sunday, been up dressed, eating and watching TV for over an hour. Cannot believe how fresh I am. I thought I should post here because I’m proud of myself and want to tell you all! I’ll be walking to walk with music on in my headphones, might even have a little dance!! :grin:


Yesterday I spent the first day on my own since coming out of the detox clinic and it was magical. I was able to genuinely relax and feel good about myself. Started the day with yoga, had breakfast, went out shopping, read a book in front of the wood burner, did some drawing and chatted to a few friends on the phone. Before it would have been wake up, throw up, scramble into some clothes, go out looking like crap hoping I didn’t bump into anyone, get booze, go home, drink to stop the DTs, go back to bed, be in and out of sleep thinking about what a loser I am. Realising I’d not bought enough booze to keep me going. Going out to get more as soon as it went dark and then making sure I was back in bed before my partner got in so he didn’t know how drunk I was. I really do not miss those days and the shame, paranoia and insanity that went with them. Today I feel great and am ready to take on whatever the day brings.


Some of the benefits have come from AA, as well as not drinking.

  • after about 3 months I started to lose weight. I’ve lost 2 stone in total
  • I care about my appearance
  • I look after my skin which now is a healthy colour
  • my eyes are wider and brighter
  • my finger nails are really strong
  • I think about others
  • I make an effort to help people that are struggling
  • I feel like I can do anything
  • I have an optimism and energy that I’ve never had before
  • life just seems to be getting better in big and small ways


I thought I was the only one who did the 2am talks. And tears.


EVERYONE does the 2am gig.
It’s booked solid when you booze on.


Boy howdy, do I relate. I was about 30 lbs overweight but lost 10 lbs when my habit peaked and I essentially stopped eating, and most of my calories came from bourbon for a month or so. Then I quit drinking, started eating regularly, and… magically kept losing weight. No longer bloated, digestion works great, am saving $$…


This legit gave me goose bumps reading it. I get it. Making new better decisions without any hesitation has been almost unreal to me.


Geez I don’t know if it’s just my non vodka soaked emotions not being numbed or what but reading the posts here this morning are really stirring me! Reading how much you’ve changed and gained has got me reeling in happiness for all of us making this change.


I’ve been eating more too and getting leaner. I keep thinking geez how many calories was I drinking to be able to eat like this and be taking in less.

I had someone ask me if I was dieting. I said no I stopped drinking. He said oh just drink vodka it has the least calories. I said I wd drinking vodka.

Hahaha. Glad to be here instead.