What’s one of your Bonus side effects to going alcohol free:


@Sassyrocks Thank you! It is such a wonderful and refreshing change from the hell I was putting myself, and others, through before! :heart_eyes:

@Yoda-Stevie I completely understand what you mean. For over a decade, I have been utterly confounded and discouraged…I couldn’t understand WHY, despite my best intentions and no matter how hard I worked, every aspect of my life (professional, finances, relationships, mental health) continued to invariably turn to shit. Had no clue until I, like you, committed to absolute no holds barred sobriety that alcohol was the unequivocal reason. The turn around I have experienced in my life just over the past 43 days has been nothing short of miraculous, and I know that so long as I stay the course, this is only the beginning! Powerful motivator.

@Jen.Emm Whereabouts in Colorado are you?! I live just south of the Springs!


Hey Jen! First off, I’m a fan of your name :wink: I’m actually in the Springs!! Westside area. Are you in Fountain?


Hehe, likewise! It’s a pretty kickass name! :wink:

And yes ma’am, I am indeed in Fountain! If you’re up for it, maybe we could get together for coffee sometime or something?


Haha, what is “hood Chinese food”?! I need to know :joy:


You know… when you are 99% sure that the place is a front for some other business because you are always the only person in there and when you order food they look at you for a second like “huh?” And then say oh yeah sure it’ll be 45 minutes.


I could name about 30 but my number one is how much of a better father I am


There are trillions of positive side effects, but i think there is one negative side effect: i do not get enough liquids as i do not drink enough water. Sometimes i realize in the evening that i only had like one litre of water during the day. I need to work on that. With this little amount i sometimes feel that i am not that powerful during my daily cardio training. Wish you a Happy sober saturday evening


Having the energy I need to slay dragons. And…the extra $ to buy new swords. :blush:


When things are uncomfortable with my mom or a coworker, I can usually get through them without making them WORSE. My voice doesn’t crack from dehydration when I pick up the phone. I am saving money from alcohol and fewer fender benders. :grinning:


That’s what I’m talking about :joy::wink:


Because I can say no to drinking I can say no to a lot of other things in my life suddenly …
Saying no to dates / sex
Saying no to things that I want to do if they dont align with my higher goals

And no drinkers remorse keeps my mood way way more stable!!


I get that. I quit smoking a year ago and I felt like I used those skills to quit drinking and honestly I feel like quitting drinking has shown me how to really hone that skill. over that last month I feel like my mental control over my moods, actions, emotions have elevated immeasurably. I can honestly say that I feel like a completely different version of myself after 5 weeks.

Congratulations to us both!


@BetterVersion me too, on the quitting smoking. I learned SO much about addiction and I was able to use those skills and apply them toward quitting drinking. I KNEW cravings would pass because I’d been through that with cigarettes I KNOW I can’t have just one drink, because it will instantly awaken the slumbering addiction-beast. Quitting smoking was pretty brutal.


I had an old coworker I hadnt seen in awhile say “you are glowing” wasnt sure how to take that guess I look pregnant now


I know, right?! With drinking I would start to thinking about alcohol around 1pm when my head would clear from the night before and I’d start getting thoughts pop up about “a drink after work would be cool” which would slowly increase as the day progressed. That was a tough mind change but… with smoking, that was like a craving every 15 minutes from the time I woke up till the time I went to sleep for months it seemed. Some cravings would just go non stop for hours to be honest. I definitely used those skills to work through going alcohol free.


Hahaha well congratulations. I guess. :smiley:


Yeah, the frequency of the cravings and the triggers all day were so hard to deal with. The last time (and final time!) I quit, I did it on vacation so I wouldn’t deal with withdrawals while fighting the habit as much, too. It helped, but it still wasn’t easy. I’m grateful for the skills I picked up, because it really did help with going sober.

Um…yay, I guess? Not a life skill I’m going to brag about, lol…


The neighborhood Chinese with backlit photos of food for a menu.


My clothes are starting to feel loser, I dont have a constant headache or nausea, I’m not dozing off from the vodka and i get to enjoy my kids much more. I can tell they missed having a fully functioning mom.


Well today is day 7 this time. Last week sucked. Not single interview, seeing the job I thought I had in the bag, repost, and just the joyful roller coaster ride of depression. Today I got 2 calls, 1 interview tomorrow, and another next week.