What’s one of your Bonus side effects to going alcohol free:


Looking and feeling younger. Having higher energy levels and better focus which has increased my business. So other than the obvious fact of saving more money by not buying so much, I’m also making more money by having better energy and focus :slight_smile:


Not looking anymore like jabba the hut.

In Finnish we call those nightly early hours “moment of the wolf”. I dont miss those moments at all, it was like being held by Death.


My favorite side effect is really rediscovering ME again. I’ve spent most of my life pleasing others and forgetting about the things I am passionate about, it’s nice to start finding them again. :heart:


I’ve lost weight, my personal hygiene is back to normal and I’ve saved money. The biggest advantage however is mental. I’m happier and less angry.


Bonus: I have a better Memory, dont wake up with Regrets or a bunch of Flem. I’m 21 days sober I started off with a lot of Energy and last 4 days I’ve been Tired more than usual… Haven’t Notice any wait lost, I’ve been More Positive than Negative


I’ve lost 30 lbs, my anxiety has gone and I no longer bite my nails. My emotions are stable, too.


@DresdenLaPage and @yen5678
That feeling of waking up and reaching for your phone knowing you’re about to look up every social app and text message to do damage control… good by and good riddance! I haven’t spent my saved money on anything yet I am enjoying checking my bank statement daily though and watching it grow instead of rapidly disappear.


Anger issues have dropped, almost completely. Like, wasted energy being mad at everything for no reason. So, that’s a great feeling to be done with. Weight has evened out. My skin issues are clearing up (such bad dry skin). My musicianship has increased, both in ability and memory.

All good stuff here.


@Snapper, @Ty.ready4Change, @jms the emotional thing is got me tripping out. I’m on day 22 as well and even though I’m flooded with emotions without being numb I’m not overwhelmed by them anymore. Everything isn’t an issue. I’m over here looking at myself saying “who is this guy?” And loving it.


No more brewer’s droop


I had to look up what brewers droop was. I never heard that before. What’s even crazier is they are selling pills like viagra like candy these days to young people. Instead of there being a massive campaign to say “hey if you want a better erection, stop drinking!” Honestly I’m sure that if one was to look into the money behind E.D. Medication I bet you’d find a hefty amount of alcohol big wigs. Let me sell you the problem and the cure.


Haha I like both the realization I’m not waking up hungover and the comfort knowing I’m waking up sober. I’ll take either :blush:

Another bonus, being able to drive whenever I want. Like just leave the house whenever, any hour of the day or night. Sounds so ridiculous but if I was wasted at 2am no way would I be able to rush anywhere if ther was an emergency…I think about that all the time now actually.


You know it’s funny how many bad decisions I’m realizing I would make regularly. Much like you thinking about not being able to drive. I get that. It’s Like before I would say oh who cares it’s fine. But now I’m like … yeah why not be ready for anything rather than ready for nothing? And that’s across the board from sleep to money to food to really every little thing I do. Crazy, right?


Congratulations i will be celebrate first week on friday do i know how You feeling! :ok_hand::ok_hand::top:


Bothering to take make up off at night so not waking up with 2 black eyes and my eyelashes stuck together. Not smelling beers off my skin a couple hours into work after showering. Work is abit easier to get through the shift lol


X-ray vision :smile:

But seriously I get to drive more. I enjoy just going somewhere just because and taking long quiet drives alone to think.


Yeah catching the scent of alcohol through your pores is weird and no longer a part of my life thankfully!


I haven’t lost any weight according to the scales, but definitely lost the bloated face. My short fuse has increased in length and I am much more patient and tolerant than when I was actively drinking. Still not sleeping the greatest, but I’m sure that is thanks to shift work.


$$$, and not just on the drink but the residuals -

For one, less gambling, when I drank I loved to gamble, as the night wore on and my decision making was further impaired I’d lose the early games then try to break even getting on Cal State Sacramento vs. Hawaii or whatever late game when I had no idea about the teams but just needed the action.

For two, drunk and hungover food decisions, namely eating out and eating crap. I dont know about you all but I was never one for meal preparation and eating healthy wasted. Mindset was fuck it, I’m already putting crap in my body, might as well order pizza, wings, subs, hood Chinese food - Then hungover, yogurt and granola not an option, gimme grease and bloodys.

Shorth story long, the $20 I’d spend on beer easily turned into $200 any given night.


I am doing far more for/with my close family. I am far more relaxed and happy. I still get occassional anxiety attacks.

I am not as stressed as I used to be and although my life is far from perfect I am learning to appreciate the smaller things in life. I even make my clothes last longer because they dont smell of booze and fags. I already notice I am eating better, getting up earlier, sleeping better.

Me, binge drinker for many years. Weekly sometimes twice a week.