What severity of withdrawal to expect

I’ve been having 6+ beers or drinks a day on most days for probably 2-3 years or more, and for 7 years before that was having multiple drinks multiple days a week except for the years I was pregnant.

The health issues have caught up to me and I’m ready to quit. I’ve been pretty high functioning all things considered, progressing at my job with promotions and praise, raising two children, maintaining marriage and friendships for the most part, financially stable, not in criminal trouble since my DUI 10 years ago, so most people in my life would be surprised to hear me identify as an alcoholic. I haven’t sought any medical advice on quitting.

It’s been 2 days and so far my symptoms are loss of appetite, high anxiety, diarrhea, and some mild nausea and chest pains. I’m wondering if anyone had similar usuage and what you experienced throughout withdrawal symptoms. I know everyone is different with so many factors but I’m wondering how critical it will be for me to plan for time off work or seek a doctor’s help.


A trip to the ER for pelvic pain 2 days ago led to a CT scan that showed I have AVN, which is terrifying. Also a diagnosis of epiploic appendagitis and likely thyroid issue indicated by mild proptosis. So that has been my wake up call to quit even though I’ve known I needed to for years, and I know I will be seeing many doctors for the foreseeable future. I guess in my head I was still debating whether to share with them juat how much I was drinking every day.

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As far as your withdrawal symptoms go at day 2 that sounds about right. I was drinking a lot more than that, and was pretty sick the first week, but everybodys different. I would still go to the Dr and get some blood work done and check your liver enzymes though. If you had pelvic pain I’m assuming the AVN is in your hip. Don’t let it terrify you. It’s not life threatening or anything. I had it really bad in my right hip (most likely from drinking) and I opted to have a right hip replacement at 40 because of all the climbing I do at work. That was 4 years ago. You wouldn’t even know I had it done, I had 450lbs on the leg press machine this morning, which ain’t bad considering :grin:. If you stop drinking now the AVN might not even progress to that point. :v::green_heart:

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You can always message me if you got any questions about it.

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I had very similar symptoms to what you’re describing and also a persistent headache.

Everything went away after about a week, except the headache. That lasted a couple of weeks. After that I was in the clear.

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Hey gal! Good for you for seeing a doctor. That’s excellent. I was scared to go after I got sober in March 2021. Waited until august of that year and diagnosed with breast cancer in October after two mammograms. Withdrawal symptoms sound normal. I’m very inspired by your strength and courage.
Please don’t fail to make a plan for staying sober. TS is great, I also do local AA for fellowship and friendships and The Luckiest Club. Lots of working mothers there. Great community.
Also, be absolutely honest with your doctors. They will appreciate that. No need to omit details on your drinking. You are one of many women drinking those amounts if not more.

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Thank you for your reply here - I do not feel brave at all, mostly shame and self hate, though I am committed to getting back to therapy and working on that. It is such a kindness to let someone see themselves from your perspective - appreciate it.

I definitely need a plan for staying sober. Right now the fear and shame and wanting to be here for my kids is buoying me but I know that I’ll need to make many other changes.

Alcohol is everywhere in my life right now - im starting with talking with my husband about reducing his drinking and canceling some after work happy hours but thats about all I’ve got.

You are amazing for making the offer to reach out and sharing your story. I have been completely freaking out about this since I found out Friday night. It’s the fear from this diagnosis that helped me make a decision then and there to be done, so I won’t be drinking anymore (and had actually quit smoking a couple weeks before that), so im hoping that helps the AVN but I have it in my hips bilaterally and thats all i know at this point. Of course now I’m feeling every little strain and soreness in every joint and thinking that’s more AVN. Thank you so much for the offer, I will take you up on it!

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Yeah I got it bilateral too. The left one don’t hurt that bad. It doesn’t spread to other joints. It’s like a really bad arthritis. But definitely quit drinking. It causes a lot worse stuff than this.:v: