What to do about friends/dealers?

Without reading responses my answer is yes, move on from them. There is only trouble there.


That’s the thing for me though, they don’t use what I do… They never pressure me or anything… I’ve even instructed them to not give me anything for awhile (just lie and say you don’t have any) and they do… But… Eventually… after that time, I ask… Like the weak POS I am… I think I’ll try to just get a month clean before resuming any kind of friendship…Ty for your comment!

I can’t run… Like you, friends for near 20 yrs… I’m not going to abandon them because I’m weak… They’ve never pressured me, don’t even use what they sell me… I’m hoping after a clean month I can resume the friendship… But leaving and never coming back isn’t an option…TY for your comment!

One part is, that it’s good they are okay with your wishes. But other part is what you said.
I had ex best friend, who is drug addicted and for my own safety I left him. I don’t know what would happen, if I didn’t do that, but in deep of my heart I feel that something would happen if very bad. So I’m glad I left him, even if it hurted a lot.

Avoid avoid avoid. “Friends” are really truly hard to find, easy to lose and harder to keep. But then again, I’m 50.

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Appreciate it, but like I said, they never took what I did, they never pressured me, it’s 100% on me…

Appreciate the advice, and it may be stupid, but I’ve decided a break will do… get enough time between me and the addiction then slowly reintegrate…

If theyre so understanding maybe request they never supply ever again even if you beg and plead…see how that goes

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Sounds plausible. Just an advice coming from my side. I was sober most of th time for the last 3 years but relapsed after about a 2-3 months intervall. This is because i tend to somehow forget about the struggles that i had AND the people around who always welcomed me to join back in after a while of abstinence.
Just want to say, I can’t really trust my will power, ESPECIALLY after some sober time under my belt.
Maybe you are the same…
But you will probably find out yourself then.


If your strong enough in your sobriety then it doesnt matter that much if theyre around or not but are u? As an alcoholic i dont have the ability to get rid of my supplier but i still wont drink…this has taken ALOT of time and effort though…9 months so far but il be on this journey for life. From what ive read here im getting the feeling this might not be about your friends but a way of keeping the door slightly ajar…


Not stupid. You know your body and mind best so you may be able to do this. Personally ive attemped to drink moderately many times and it may take for a few days but life always happens im back to my old drinking habits. It took me so long to get here and with so many sober days i dont think i could go through that again (atleast not without causing some serious damage first).
Wishing you the best with your decision- we are here to support you with your sobriety :hugs:

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I think perhaps I didn’t emphasis an important point. You have relationships forged while you were in “the life”. These individuals remain in that life, and the fact they perpetuate the life through their dealings.

If you truly desire to put that life behind you, you must change people, places, and things that are associated with it. Anything less is a half-measure. Peace, health, and better well-being are achievable, only if we are willing to sacrifice all of those things that prevent us from achieving them previously.

I wish you well in your journey.