What would it look like?

What would it look like if I stayed sober and clean from now until let’s say May 1st? Just thinking out loud. Would I be happier? Would life be easier? Would I still be me?

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Wait and see :grin: I’m sure all positive would come from it :facepunch:

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The real me? I like that, that’s cool. I don’t think I like myself though? But I would probably like myself sober. I recently made it 17 days and things were looking up.

Completely agree. I remember many times looking in the mirror disgusted. I spoke to my reflection and said give yourself a chance, thankfully I listened.

I now love myself, not in a conceited way either, it’s a love and respect for the life I have been given and I’m using, not losing that chance I gave myself.

Well, you will feel your emotions, good and bad and happy and sad. And you will remember what you did the previous months. You will sleep very well and look amazing healthy… for a start :innocent:

Yes - alertness and awareness of everything, it’s like the volume button on life gets turned up.

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The promises are waiting for you to try it …

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I am hoping to last that long and lose some bloody weight from all the empty calories of alcohol so i am hoping to look a lot skinner lol