What's on your bucket list

What’s on your bucket list and have you done any of them… I’ve just ticked off watching the Eagles play hotel california live. I would love to hear some of yours.


Travel is one of them. Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand to name a few. I’d also love to go on a cruise :ship:


Seeing the Stones was high on my list, mission complete a few months back in Chicago. I am optimistic to see them one more time but not by myself, I’d rather be with a friend.

I’d like to see the mountains in Colorado before I’m gone. Smokey Mountains would be equally nice. New York - Central Park in the fall. Trip through Europe for a month while still young enough to get around.

Congrats on the Eagles. I saw with Frey many years ago, was excellent.

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Kayak = sounds great!!!

I love The Eagles. I’m so glad I’ve been able to see them.

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Frey was always my favourite…I loved his sound. I literally cried when he died. :sob:

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I have lots of things I’d like to see or do but the only thing that I would consider “bucket list” worthy is walk The Camino - the French path specifically. My current plan is to do it when I’m 50 with my youngest daughter who will turn 16 that year. Unfortunately we’ll really only be able to do it during her summer break so it will be stupid hot. We may have to go through one of those tour companies that transport your luggage each day for you. I can’t imagine carrying a huge pack in 30 degree weather!!


The first one on my bucket list is a big back tattoo :grin: Have my appointment next week (discuss the design).
I would love to see the Northern light some day! That’s on my wish list too. And when my children are no longer living in my house I would like to go on a big road trip. Just put a tent and stuff in our car and see were the sun leads us to…
Freedom! :deciduous_tree: :sunrise_over_mountains: :red_car: :beach_umbrella: :camping:


one of mine is to travel spain. and here i am!
:round_pushpin: barcelona


I’ve always wanted to go too Japan :jp: :blush: closely followed by Australia & New Zealand :+1:


Is that the sailor in you @Salty

I have to admit it wasn’t quite the same without frey but I’m happy for his son taking his place, imagine being him, imagine the pressure of walking in those footprints.

OK I’m beginning to see a pattern and I’m only 3 reads down and one goes on a cruise, has anchor as picture, second loves the stones has lips as picture the third would love to go hiking and has picture of grass and flowers. If anyone’s ambition is to sleep with their mother in law keep your picture to yourself. I thank you.


I also see that no ones ambition so far is to get clean, I absolutely love this, this tells me that when given the choice to do anything in the world your addiction becomes so irrelevant, so unimportant compared to everything else and that none of you see your addiction as part of your future. I love this.


Lol nope I’m not a sailor. Just an East Coaster from the Maritimes :canada:

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Probably my sister getting married Finally she really deserved to be loved

You’ll love Australia!

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Thanks today I’m a little wiser, I had to Google oedipius complex. You learn something new everyday. Living in Norfolk England I’m shocked I haven’t come across it, apparently we’re famous for this sort of thing.