What's YOUR plan?

My plan this time is to not let anyone else affect my sobriety. And to stop helping/hanging out with people that doesn’t make me feel good.

Don’t matter if it’s longtime friends,family or whatever.

I’ll do my thing and won’t care about anyones opinions or actions.

Same goes career wise. I’m going to stop pretending that I want to do what everyone else thinks would be a good thing for me.

And by doing that I’ll keep my peace and sobriety.



Currently concluded day 2 of sobriety and feeling good overall. I’ve noticed some withdrawals but my mind feels more clear. No turning back. I’ve been telling myself long enough “stop on Monday” and it never happened. Even though I’m only 2 days sober, I know I can do this.


Welcome to the site all you newcomers!
@Leia @7Fliss2 @Excelsior89 @Zatara77 @Soli @LanaLane79 and all others …


Thank you! I’m so glad I found this app. There are so many amazing people here who seem to genuinely want to help​:heavy_heart_exclamation::blossom::pray:
If I can make it, it’ll surely be because of all the help and support I’ve received here.


Great reference points as i can relate what is working for me right now is the understanding why i have to stay away from the roller coasting with chemical use. Getting to a better place of accepting that there is no real healthy place for drugs in my life and realizing i have to work smarter in seperating from it…


Starting all over again, Day 1


There you go, keep at it.
Never give up
Never surrender

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Staying connected can feel like its all too hard sometimes. Thats when I know that really need to put the effort in. Small things, spending time in the garden, meditation, talking with others in recovery have all helped me to bring myself back to the present.