Whatsapp group

Hey guys!

I think this is an amazing app and an amazing community.
I was wondering if anybody likes to be in a whatsapp group?
I usually hate them btw haha! It could be fun and helpfull and sometimes easier acces than the app.
Ofcourse not in stéad of the app.
I just came up with the idea, im travelling to Portugal for a few days holiday, with a group, visiting restaurants , drinking people… and a l figured that some friend on whatsapp would be really motivating.
And i like to be there for you also if you have a hard moment. Or just have fun messages.
Anyway, if you like to try you can send me a PM and if its not a good idea we can delete the group
Thanks and have a great thursday X


other people said things like:
I’m interested in the WhatsApp group! I’d like quicker and direct communication with other sobies

but everybody is different

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There is one set up with regulars at my home group.

I wouldn’t mind being part of one but I’d have to know everyone as you’d then have my number :grin:

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I’d want to be in

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@driftwood welcome.
I will pm you my number.
It could be a nice add next to this super app x

We already have a nice ( small) group.

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I understand

Hello Sam, how long have you had your sobriety ? Im new to this…

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He Ben
Well im ’ on and off’
Many years…very determined now.
Love this app.
And i would love ro have a small whatsapp group because i think its fun and sometimes easier.

I will call it : friends from all over the world.
Everybody is welcome
No obligations
No need to answer
Just motivation and friendship x

Good Morning
Would it be possible to join the WhatsApp group please xx

Hi can I join?

Xxxxzzz Add me please.

(number removed by moderators for privacy)

Please do not share personal information on the main forum. The forum is open to the public. If you want to share Whatsapp info with friends here, please do so privately. Though we caution everyone, especially new members, to be extremely careful and cautious when sharing private information with strangers.

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