When does liver pain go away?

I’m about an hour shy of 17 days without alcohol. I thought that by now my liver pain would be gone. It doesn’t hurt as much but I still notice what I can only describe as a burning pain. Does anyone have any experience with this? When should this feeling go away?

I’m not an expert by any means and I certainly don’t have any medical training but you may want to see a doctor about that.

I drank like a fish (usually 4-5 days a week) for probably a decade and didn’t have an issue with pain like that but that’s just me.

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The pain might be gallbladder related, too. Hence the reason to see a doctor


I have liver pain and have seen a Doctor about it. Was told to stop drinking and let my liver recuperate. Was also told to drink plenty of water as that helps enormously. Depending on the amount of damage you have will determine how long it will take to recover. Would personally recommend that you see your Doctor though, he’ll give you a blood test and advice you accordingly.

Agree with all. See a doctor if there’s any doubt. Obviously in any case, drinking makes things worse and sobriety allows healing.

But it’s worth seeing a doc and being honest. They can do liver function tests, etc, if needed.

Maybe it isn’t even the liver (what does liver pain even feel like, really?) but something unrelated.

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they say it takes about an average of 40 days for the liver to renew itself. thank god it is the most forgiving organ. But of course it depends on the person and the rest of the diet.there a suplements to assist the liver, but they can also be pushing it to much.
It took a long time for most of us to get to this point, recovering may take as many a time.
When feeling to stressed about it just ask / see the doctor.
And also, ask yourself what anger and resentment you might be holding on to to be released.

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