When is it recommended to connect with a sponsor?

I’m new at being sober and I am ready I am there. I feel like having a sponsor would help me since I don’t feel open to talk with my friends and family about that yet as they don’t understand.

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It’s always recommended, I say that now in the past I have labeled it as being not for me, but it is. I found mine about 6 months ago in a meeting. I can relate to what you write about talking to friends. I try it now and then, but indeed they just don’t understand the depth of addiction and what it takes to recover from it.

If u feel ready to get a sponsor and start the steps, then yes definitly begin the process of finding one :slight_smile: i have had a few sponsors over the years and it has been sooo beneficial for my recovery. I hope that you end up feeling the same way

You’ll find a sponsor at your local AA meeting. Just ask for numbers, or more likely they will give you their numbers, and make some connections. Very good decision to get sober and do do with community. You aren’t alone.