When opportunity knocks someone must answer

Selfishness is at the core of the disease…therefore learning to be selfless is part of what we do…I challenge my guys to be of service at least once a day meaning do something for someone else without seeking gain or recognition…I can’t tell you what this has done other then it has taught me a lot about acceptance…I challenge you to try this for at least a week…go out of your way and help someone other then yourself without profit motive…this doesn’t mean go looking for active users and invite them to a mtg or anything of that nature…more along the lines of picking up after a mtg without having anyone say anything to you or maybe just sitting down and listen to someone who needs to vent expressing that you understand their frustration without offering advice on how they should handle whatever situation but rather expressing that the right way to handle that situation will come if they earnestly seek the answer


The biggest positive impact to my sobriety commitment was to immerse myself for 2 weeks in Kenya helping and serving others. It.challenged my comfort zone and helped me realign my priorities.

Of course one doesnt have to travel around the globe as there is so much opportunity even in our own communities
When you reach out to others you start to understand there is so much more to life.


There’s plenty of service opportunities to be had. It’s definitely an integral part of sobriety, especially at the beginning…to get out of your own head. It becomes second nature and the feeling is awesome.

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