When the dust settles, remembering recovery

Just saw this in a museum and thought of your post


Feeling the feels… At the start it all feels like fun hanging out with new friends, having a laugh, getting drunk and high… Then slowly everyone disappears and we’re left chasing that feeling of freedom whilst at the same time falling into that trap… Numbness, fear and pain replace the laughs. Mentally and emotionally, physically and spiritually we have become unable to cope with life and the solution we have found is a substance to produce more numbness and darkness.
somewhere we find strength and courage to make that change although at the time it feels more like admitting a weakness, this brings more pain, early recovery is pain.
If you felt alone in addiction it’s nothing compared to the oneness of recovery, a fear of the now and the unknown.
But time is a great healer and with the continued absence of chemicals our emotions become on high alert varying from extreme spiritual elation to total depression, this too will pass.
How then down the road did we learn to live a ’ normal ’ life. We always felt normal was not enough.
WE ARE FAR FROM NORMAL, a famous person once said “Addicts know the truth”
We get a second chance at life and a few years later our emotions are finally real and for the first time we own them instead of them owning us.

I’m not going to explain what I feel now, stick around and find out for yourself bc I don’t want to ruin the surprise…


Absolutely spot on Paul :+1::heart:

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1 week sober… I’ve got a friend who is 1 week sober today who is on the verge of splitting up with his partner while he has moved in with his mother to care for her and her dementia. Her only pleasure is a few glasses of wine at the end of each day which he has to prepare.
He cannot avoid this situation and is struggling.
If people near you have alcohol in the house which is unavoidable the trick I used was disassociation… This is their drink it’s not my drink, this is their choice it is not my choice.
I don’t drink so I won’t drink.
Also the most important thing that he is doing is phoning and texting myself and other people telling other people about the situation, how he is feeling. This is called putting the work in, he is not alone and is willing to be big enough to ask for help. Sometimes we just need to know we are not going crazy and that others have gone before us and survived to tell the tale.

Don’t tell people the why’s you drank, tell them what your doing not to drink.
We understand.