When will this stop

Not gonna give up fresh start this week


What are you going to do differently this time?


I have no clue I really don’t getting fed up of trying now I need some help can’t do it alone think I need to see some sort of Councellor


None of us can do it alone. Have tried a meeting? There is online support as well. I’m glad you’re reaching out.

I went into therapy two months ago and it has really helped. I’m doing Cognative behavioral therapy to treat the underlying reasons that I drink.

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Maybe try a meeting they will help you wish you well

The problem is I can’t make the meetings as I work full time and the meetings are in the day time non close by that i can get to in the evening so am reall6 struggling to find any way of going to AA meetings.

Online meetings. I believe it’s intherooms.com. There are also online SMART meetings. Just Google SMART and the online meetings are on their website.


While you are evaluating all the options available to you why not use here and this app to help start. Is this Day One? What is your plan to stay sober today?

Hi @Steviefoster,
Good on you for posting here. This forum is a great place to be! Read a lot, and spend some time on here, there is much wisdom and support.
It can be difficult at first, to break from our active addiction, but you’ve got to want it bad enough and need to put in the work. Put a Sober Plan in place. Get clear about WHY you’re choosing to be sober. What are the real, underlying reasons that you’re drinking, are you trying to escape from something…feelings/emotions/lonliness/fear/responsibility. Know you ARE strong enough to do this, you can be sober, as long as you decide this IS what you want and know your why, and take ACTION. “I don’t drink” - make this your truth. Own it. Live it. Love it. And reach out for support, whereever and as often as you can. What are you going to spend your time focusing on and doing now? Make some exciting plans. Take note of the courage, joy and proud feeling you get/have as you end each day sober, focusing on one day at a time. Rejoice in the decision you’ve made to get better and to do better. look after yourself and know you’re worthy of more out of life, because you ARE! Seeing a counselor or therapist may help if you cannot get to an AA meeting.
I wish you well. Sober life = our best life :blush::raised_hands:


Thank you for this. I have just signed up to in the rooms and I’m in a meeting now. Gamechanger for me.


No use getting fed up, if you haven’t tried everything. Have you tried meetings? Seem to work for lots of folks here.

I am new to this feed. I’m so happy to have found some help. After losing 110 pounds cutting sugars I started to rely on alcohol. It had taken my healthy lifestyle back to unhealthy. I know I need support. I may have to join a room too.