Where is your peaceful place?

I woke up early enough this week to watch the sunrise. Watching it come up over the hills brought me so much peace. I am working on chilling out about life and not letting things bother my soul so easily…this view really helps:)
Where are some places you visit when you need to find peace?



I don’t have places per se. I’d have to drive a distance to get to anything idyllic like that. Thanks for sharing though!

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This is my peaceful place , looking out over the Beauly Firth (Scotland).
This photo was taken last year, haven’t been down there in a while, just haven’t had the energy (it’s a bit of a walk to get there). Will be returning soon though!


here’s my first. Normally I hate everything the beach because I hate sand and water, but I fell in love with this place. second is literally anywhere with this girl. She is my rock.


My peaceful place in Colorado. I retire in 873 days (but who’'s counting?), and cannot wait to spend more time here.


My first place is my bathroom…when I’m getting anxious I just close the door, hop in the tub, and turn on the spa or nature sounds on my iPhone. (Sorry, no photos of that)

My other place is on my paddleboard. I call a quiet Sunday morning on my board as my “church”. So peaceful.


We visited Lake Chelan to a family cabin of my husbands close family friend. It was also lost in the fire :frowning: still in the rebuild process. My husband grew up going every summer. First place I went with his family when we were 16. We were allowed to put out cots next to each other to sleep on the deck. Lots of memories there, so beautiful!

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Awesome! I have tried it a couple times, so fun! There’s something about a body of water that hits the peaceful spot right on :slight_smile: can’t wait for summer kayaking!

Ever since moving away from the mountains, this has been my go to. The water is nasty. It’s in the middle of traffic and chaos. But I love feeling so close to the water.

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Hiking really gets you away.


That’s gorgeous and so serene looking!

It takes a few minutes once you get out there, but entirely relaxing after a little bit. Feels goid to just walk at times, I think we all forget that. Truly is my get away. I like the beach, but it is nice to get away from everyone and everything.

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