Where's the line?

It seems many people here have experienced trauma, abuse, and negative actions from others.
Since forgiveness seems to play such a huge role in recovery it is something I’m really trying to work on.

I guess my question is after you forgive, how do you decide if that person should remain in your life? Or if they should be welcomed back in? Are you putting periods on the end of those relationships? Trying to rebuild? Reevaluating it as you continue your sobriety?

Sorry, this was so vague.

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Wondering the same. There are certain people in my life, family members unfortunately that even hearing their name makes me need a drink.
What then? They’re obviously never going away as much as I wish they would.
Where IS the line?
Sometimes I think about writing them a letter to let them know how much they’ve hurt me, almost like a shifting of the burden.
But that could just rip open old wounds, especially for the family. Ugh.
I don’t know the answer to this question.
I DO know that “friends” who have hurt me, or been an accomplice to my self harm are cut out. Trim any fat you can for your own sanity.

Yeah, this is what I’m trying to navigate. Family makes it complicated

Thank you @Elle those questions are really helpful. And they definitely have no intentions of changing which leaves me in a position of compromising how I expect to be treated by the people in my life.

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