Which song you listen in your hard time?

Music can heal you. That’s true for me. When I face hard time in my days I always listen to music and my favourite songs.
These days I am listening “Invisible Chains” from birds of prey. This song is a relatable to my Addiction bc, my Addiction is also an invisible chain which I am trying to break.

So, What is your song/music which helps you in your hard time???

Just found this and didn’t know where to put it, it’s not my go to song but I love finding new music.
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I always turn to Odesza radio on Pandora. Always helps me when thoughts are running wild.

If I’m having cravings I will turn to a podcast after talking with someone. Recovery Elevator is my go to.

Too many to list. Here is a great one!


I LOVE THIS! Her voice is so soulful. Thank you!

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I’ve since been listening to her on Spotify today. She’s does a good mixture of styles.

Her BIO, though!! She’s my new favorite. I give her all my money.

This was my go to song when I couldn’t put down the bottle. I wanted out of the fucking routine of waking up half drunk, dry heaving, sweating & shaking; trying not to give in to buying a pint. I usually failed and ended up in the same predicament the very next day.