Who did you tell your “worst thing I did” to?

Hi, I know the worst thing I ever did when drinking was driving my decisions. I don’t think posting it online is the right place to share it right now. Who did you guys “confess” to? I don’t have a sponsor yet. Just looking for other people’s insights. Do you think it’s an important part of recovery?

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Hi pal! You’ll know when the time is right to tell someone. When the time and right person comes, it will help to get it off your chest.

Just keep in mind that the 12 steps are in that order for a reason. I’ve heard of people making a big old mess by jumping ahead to steps 8 and 9 and trying to make amends with people. You have to be ready for that!

So when you do get a sponsor this will all come up in your 4th step. So just keep doin what you are doing… One day at a time:)

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Thanks for sharing.
BTW sharing is very important. But sharing before, will be so much more helpful