Why does it keep logging me off?


Hmm I think I may have fixed it, it’s a bit hard because it happens so erratically. On a side note, does anyone get an error when logging in the first time? It’s fine after you reload the page.


I have, I just assume it’s me or my phone


I’m thinking of “treatin myself” to an s9 when we move. My s7 is starting to feel… old.


Yes!!! I got it a few times. Once it lasted a few hours. That was about a week ago or a little more I think.


Yeah it’s happened to me, but it’s usually my connection.


That was when the forum’s software was updated.


Yup I’ve gotten it a few times too.
Just thought things were getting updated or something. Lol


I’ve gotten that a few times as well.


Cool, I’m working on both issues. Should put out and update soon :slight_smile:


I have an Android. It happened a few times a day. Its finally stopped though. Thanks for fixing it


Not fixed yet, sounds like you just got lucky :smile:


I still don’t have the title of supreme overlord. Can that be included in the update?


I believe that should be Robin’s title. The ultimate Banhammer.


New version is live, so please update when you have a chance. Should fix both issues!


Did you file an application form? I hear those can take months to process though…


Erry one over here with thier s7/8/9… im over here on a POS year old prepaid galaxy express…smh but ive never had a issue. But i hardly update unless i have to…damn it!..lol


I bought my s8 with my taxes but once it died I went with a cheap LG phone :joy:
Within a month dropped it and broke my screen its now gorilla glued. Haha


Still gettin it! I dropped mine in a dirty ass puddle cracked screen and all . quickly pulled it out and it never skipped a beat! Lol.its been a trooper. I nodded out countless times droppin it…smh…from work and workin on cars.i cant justify a phone for what they want. It would be niceeee buttt i dont have a good track record with phones…


I don’t do bad. This one broke because it fell in a chain reaction at work. I was cleaning I put a bottle of Windex on the counter it wasn’t sitting right it hit a roll of paper towels which pulled down a regular towel that my phone was sitting on and threw it down on the counter then to the floor.
Haha chain reaction of me going back to work.

As for my s8 that was nothing of my doing. I was using it put it down for a few minutes then pivked it back up and all green. The whole screen couldn’t do anything on it.


You draft it and I’ll fill it out!