Why does it keep logging me off?


Every time I close the app out completely it logs me off. It used to stay logged on on the time. The app itself shows fully updated so idk whats going on. Anyone else have this happen to them? Or maybe is something new?


Looks like something new, must have crept in when the app was updated to target the latest version of Android. Newer Android versions contain a bunch of security fixes that are sometimes just annoying. I’ll see if there’s anything I can do about it.


It happened to me once or twice. For a minute I thought I got hit with the Banhammer


Happened to me once too but that was it. Thank God I remember my login lol


I’ve been wondering too. It seems to happen every night. So then every morning I have to log back in.


Happened to me, I just assumed it was user error…which in my case…probably is


Is everyone on Android here?


I am, but on an old Note 5…nothing new


Android here, but it only happened like twice


Hmm looks like it only did it the one time for me. On another device it didn’t have this issue at all. Very strange!


Samsung s7 here


Android here. No issues


Note 8 here, and it happens maybe once a day. Not too terrible. I’m new so I just thought it was normal.


S8. No issues.


Yup android


Android s7 and its happened a few times


S9, but no issues so far… lol, that’s funny just about everyone here I talk to on the reg has a droid…and a samsung no less. “We dont need no stinkin’ iPhones señor!” (No offense to the apple users, we still love u but we pity u as well :grin: lol, jk)


How’s the s9?
I had the 8 but got the green screen of death and refused to get another


I like it, the camera is awesome, and the Bixby text translator thing is pretty neat too, I’ve used it a couple times at the shop to figure out what the hell I was opening when a box showed up covered in nothing but Chinese characters lol. I’d been rockin a 6 with a busted screen that I kept cutting myself on for years so it was a definite improvement. Plus the glass over both cameras was broken and I’d been using the phone a lot more since I found this app. The best part is it was paid for in full with money that didnt go to the dopeman, the doctor, or the liquor store down the road in a sudden insight of that “treat yo self” state of mind that I know @Sober_Ninja would understand lol.


I have a galaxy s 9 - it hasn’t happened to me