Why now? I'm only 18 days and now this

I live in a different country than my family. I’m only 18 days today and just received word my grandmother is very ill and not expected to live. Now I have the prospect of a 7 hour international flight, a funeral and an extended stay with my family who I always drink with.


I’m sorry you are being tested so early. But as you know life doesn’t stop. Now the good part is you have actually thought about it and know it will be a challenge to your sobriety. If you get into relapse mode how will you deal with it? Make plans! Write out things you can do to keep up your recovery. It will be tough but no amount of alcohol will cure the loss. It will postpone the mourning not solve it. We are here to give you inspiration when you need us to. Best wishes


Stay strong @Kit, you can do this,you are not alone


I am very sorry to hear this.
Two things

  1. My eleven year old son suffered an intracranial aneurysm when I was just less than 14 months sober. He died 8 months later. I maintained my Sobriety with huge help, I will admit. You can do this. It’s a test and if you are given a test, it’s because you’ve spent 18 days doing well in that class.
  2. Will drinking fix any of this or will it make it worse? It seems there no profit for us in engaging in our addiction, but there is huge cost.

I’m sorry you are going through this and so early on. Stay strong, post in here often. Does your family know your are addicted to alcohol?

@Kit I lost my friend in a motorcycle accident at my 3 week sobriety mark. I wanted to drink but my friends also told me it would also not let me heal only mask my feelings. I got thru it. It was hard it was not my grandmother or child but non the less a great friend. Staying sober was worth it. Good luck we are all here for you


I’m sorry about your friend. I know drinking won’t help. I really want to be there for my Dad through this. Thank you for being so supportive.

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Yes they know, all my friends and family drink too much really. I went there once for a week and didn’t drink and had a great time so I know it can be done and that there’s no way I’ll regret not drinking like I will regret if I do drink. Just need to remind myself of that.

Very true chandler. I’m so sorry about your son how tragic my heart really goes out to you.

You’re story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. I’m so sorry you lost your son. I can’t imagine the pain you’ve endured. You truly are an inspiration maintaining sobriety through that.

Losing grandparents is really hard. I’m sorry you are facing this challenge. All of mine have passed. I wish I could have just one more day with any one of them. Spend as much time as you can holding her hand, and sharing stories. Alcohol will only blur the last precious moments.
You can do this. Good luck.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. I don’t really have any advice and experience to share because this is my first day here and my first post. It’s important to me to know difficult times will come my way too and the sooner I realize that I can plan on how I might react.


Just an update for you guys that have been so supportive! I made it through the airport and the 7 hour flight without drinking. Been here a few days now and not a drop. Feel mentally and physically good. I know we are in the last days of my grandmother but I’m here and able to help my Dad.


I’m proud of you! It’s hard I know but just focus on yourself when you can. Do not let addiction tell you what you need. And I’m sorry for the hard time you and your family are having. Prayers sent your way


I remember I had a going away party for a friend of mine with a bunch of heavy drinkers. I had to white knuckle it in the beginning, but I made it through and you will too!

@Kit that’s so great to hear keep it up! I’m proud of u. I’ll keep checking in. My funeral for my friend is tomorrow and it’s been a rough month since he passed last month and now the burial. I’ll check back tho. One day at time u have a cheer team