Why was I drinking

It was interesting for me yestreday to walk past the pub, where i used to always spend my days off and think… why was I doing it ?
I think i know, it was there for me during some hard times (a loss of a parent) and the guy that runs the place did do some really nice things for people … but when i look at it now …
How much of my days i wasted in that place just looking at a glass, or watching sports and drinking at least 2 jugs a time.
I had a real eye opener over the weekend (getting a small skin cancer removed) and i will admit i did want to go back and just drink but than i thought, …
Ive been given a new chaper on life, make the most of it … only a few weeks down but still so want to stay away from the bottle … just with christmas coming up everyone is talking about going out and getting drinks to enjoy the night :frowning:


Good for you Joe! It takes strength to stay stable and grounded for these reflections. You are on the right path; keep taking it one day at a time and trying to give yourself the space you need to process these feelings. Every day in sobriety they’re there - and we learn a little bit more every day about who we are, after we stop running away. Good luck man :smiley:


Many thanks Matt :slight_smile: - its funny when it hits me but it makes me look back and where I am now and its really good the space I am in now so this journey sure is a good one.

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Definitely. I’m glad you took the time to share. Stories like yours help me keep going day to day :smile:

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