Withdrawal cause resp depression?

I know it’s gonna sound odd but I am on day 8 of nothing!! Since yesterday I can’t breathe, inhale deeply, catch my breath, my chest is hurting, it’s a little scary. All you read about in overdose is cns depression which is exactly these symptoms. My question is:
Is it possible withdrawal is creating respiratory depression???
I know I should go er, I can’t I do not have insurance and I’m doing this on my own as no one helped me get dependent on pain pills.



After 8 days it is unlikely that this is related to withdrawal, however, it may be an anxiety attack which can often create symptoms similar to what you are experiencing. And anxiety is common after getting sober. You should seek medical care immediately, however. Whatever the cause, they can help treat you for whatever the issue is.

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I’ve had panic attacks my whole life this has been since yesterday morning. Nothing else is different, actually I’m not suicidal as I was, depressed as much yet having trouble breathing.
Thank you for the answer. As for a dr I can’t afford that right now…I’m aware how dumb it sounds but it’s also true.

It’s not dumb, it’s real af and a sad problem nobody in the US should have, but we do (assuming you are in the US). Publicly funded hospitals are legally required to treat you no matter your insurance status, and you can explain your situation and as for a social worker. They can usually help get a payment plan in order or your bill covered another way.

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I am in the us and the hospital in my dinky town will not even see you until you pay $100 upfront! It’s really sad but what can you do. Just to er if they give me salt water you know hydration is $500!! A bag bills already at $1000 or more, that’s what I can’t afford now w trump if the bill isn’t paid in 90 days it NOW affects my credit, I am trying but a house this year :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
If it gets to point if I’m gasping for air I will go. I did see a few articles on people dying from withdrawal, lungs, heart issues shadowed due to pain pills masking true pain etc. I was tempted take a pain pill, I am prescribed them to see if it stopped but I’m gonna power through


Im so sorry

Me too lol I forgot I have on my arms too looks like hives, that part I’m sure is anxiety but we will power through

Thank you for the support!!

I have read that alcohol withdraws are the most dangerous. Dont take any chances.

Probably anxiety. I used to take long walks in the park at the beginning of my sobriety. Stay away from caffeine. Drink chamomile tea to help you rest. If you believe, pray or meditate.
I wish you the best.

That is so sad :confused: and against human rights. Could it be a panic attack? Tried paper bag?
Oh shit i cannot believe im givining this,advice to a person with chest symptoms. America what is wrong with u :rage: hope youll get well soon without that freaking expensive medical care. My motto is not to mix politics with aa or ts but trump… hes one creepy monkey :expressionless:

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I’m not a doctor so not trying to give medical advice, if you feel it might be anxiety related then there are a few meditation threads on here that could be helpful. This one has quite a few YouTube links:

I don’t live in the USA, but aren’t there some free clinics? Hope you’re feeling better soon and you can find medical support if you need it :heart:

I’ve been to the ER a few times with panic. Can anyone watch you or stay with you?

Does it worsen with movement? If you focus on something else like a show does it get better or at least not intrusive? That usually means anxiety.

If you get vertigo, start getting numb or turning blue, vomit, cough hard, I would get to the ER money be damned. Detox can be dangerous but I know anxiety is tricky too.