I quit drinking for the forth time. The first two times were just for a month, to give my body a break of drinking. The third time I thought: why not longer? But after 1,5 month I thought I could handle it and started drinking again. In no time I was bingeing like I never have before. After a newyears party turning bad, I quit again. But, this time the first week was different! I had the shakes, was sweating and my heart was pounding. At moments I thought I was getting a heartattack. Besides that I felt at moments I transcended out of my body, couldnt focus and had to sit down and wait for it to pass. I was terrified! Never had that before. Terrifying, but good though. Its a sign it has gotten to far. Does anybody had this too? The feeling youre out of your body?

Oh yes text book withdrawal symptoms. Every time I binge and quit the withdrawal gets worse. More “head issues” than nausea even. It gets pretty scary and I’m at the point where I’m done with the roller coaster.

For me personally it was the panic attacks. My hands would go numb, my left arm in pain, and then it felt like my brain would freeze, just for split second intervals. It was like for split seconds the muscles in my face and jaw would tighten. I was convinced I was having a stroke and then I’d panic even more because I had convinced myself I was dying. The absolute fear of those moments is what keeps me going today.
I’m on day 45 and I don’t have major panic attacks anymore. Sometimes randomly I may feel one coming on, but I Self-talk myself. I let my self know this too shall pass and it’s not going to kill me.
A couple deep breaths and I’m able to calm down.


I have been bingeing more then ever the last three weeks before quiting this time. Get drunk, have a hangover and drink again. I never thought the symptoms would be so heavy after a relative short period of extreme bingeing… I never want to experience that again too. I enjoy being sober now and i’m only 11 days in. Take care!


I can totally relate to your comment. Afraid of dying, what do we put ourselves into right! Had panic attacks when I was younger, it makes you feel so vulnerable and the fear of dying is so real, ugh. Good to heart you can manage them now!

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