Withdrawls help


Day 1 withdrawls feel like I’m gojng to die. Cold turkey. Help me


Depending on how much you used to drink you may need to wean off or go to a professional.

If it’s not much you can take a vitamin B complex which helps greatly with mood stabilization and energy.


Opiate withdrawl. visiting family in fl cant get too much at the moment as far as vitamins etc


I had a friend go through that, he would take baths or showers when it got bad, then he’d just relax by watching TV, reading, meditating, etc.


Ja found a vitamin for 50+ but took it anyways lol. Took a xanax few hrs ago…never been a drug of choice so no worries there didnt help at all. Thinkkng of takimg alieve pm or sumthin. Im so miserable


Did i mentiom i quit smoking same time this sucks purposely did it this far away so i wouldnt easily run off n get some. This sucks bad


Try kratom, I used it to help my withdrawls, and now I’m almost 39 days sober! I was addicted to oxycodone. Please do your research though before just going and grabbing some


Lol good idea dude. Just keep your mind off it…Yeah easier said then done haha.


My mind cant leave it non stop the fight is real


You doing any better? What was doc


I’m on day 6 of cold turkey right now so I know the pain!

Hot baths and immodium, for the upset stomach, will help a lot. A hot bath is my go to for the restless legs. Avoid any kind of over the counter sleeping pill or Benadryl type medication because I’ve found it makes the restless legs worse so you get stuck exhausted and miserably awake. You probably aren’t able to eat much, or at all, but Pedialyte is a godsend for electrolytes and can be easier to keep down if you’re queasy.

Everyone is different, but I’ve found that once you get past day 3 the physical symptoms start to go away. You got this! Just remember that you won’t feel this sick forever, or much longer.


Please. You don’t want to fall again and start all over. Could you do any kind of exercise? Like walking? Praying for you


I made it thru. Still feel like shit n intense cravings. brought myself down to the pool.


I did it cold turkey too… all I took was some ibuprofen and prayed to God to remove my obsession of drugs . It won’t be easy but it will be worth it man . STAY strong, you can do it if you really want to get clean.


Where do i get this


I would get it online, I’m not going to tell you where exactly right now because I want you to do research on your own to decide if it’s for you or not, I urge you to look it up and see if it is something you are willing to take to ease your withdrawls, I do not condone giving people a loaded gun (metaphorically speaking), sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear my friend but I’m just looking out for you


I did research it. Just realized cant get it at cvs etc. Sounds controversial etc. It said u can withdrawl from it too, did u?


It is controversial, Thays why I said do your research, it’s an herb, you can get the most pure product from trusted online vendors, it’s not legal in a few states so do your research on that, you can’t overdose on it in a sense of having a seizure or dying but you can get really naucious and throw up for a few hours if you take too much, it’s pretty safe, but this is all why I asked you to do your own independent research on it to see if it’s the right thing for you, I take kratom and now have been sober from oxycodone for 39 days tonight at 8, I even skip days of Krstom and don’t experience withdrawls, but I’m not saying you can’t withdraw from it, I just haven’t, but suboxone had me withdrawing hard if I didn’t take it for 24 hours, it was bad, not so much with kratom for me