Without a drink

43 days in. Alcohol still pops in my mind whenever it feels like it. The friend I never thought would become my enemy. We got this…


The longer your sober stretch, the less that voice will appear! Keep going, you are doing great!

Great work! Keep on coming on here, I’m new here but i experience it as such a source of support, motivation and inspiration. It is helping me a lot to stay focussed and straight.


Welcome Joe :blue_heart: Congrats on your 43 days :boom: :dizzy: :tada:

43 days in Myself. We got this :+1:

24 days in. Still hating to love and loving to hate the substance that has been my best friend for so many years. Like you said, it’s now become my enemy, and I need to keep it that way! Exercise needs to become my new best friend. And art and music…but mostly exercise, since that physically and chemically boosts me. Just need to find the motivation to do it DAILY, which was so easy with drinking…but not so easy with exercising!! On to the next level, which for me is the one month milestone! We can do this!

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I know all about that voice. It seems to have gotten louder since I’ve been sober for three days. Three days is the longest I’ve gone without a drink in a very long time. I’m proud of myself but afraid of relapse. Be proud of those 43 days. We can do this!

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