Work is a sewer

I recently start training as a chef, im currently emplyed as a commis chef and absolutely love the work and love the food.
The only problem is the kitchen is a sewer, apart from one or two people in the kitchen who i learn off and value, the rest are negative and toxic, constant negativity. Whilst i try ignore and keep amiling sometimes i get wrapped up in the negativity.
Leaving is not an option because its a brilliant company and i actually enjoy the work and it would be hard to get this opportunity else where.
Any tips on how to block out the negativity.?
Does anyone else have this problem?


Just focus on what you can control. How others behave is none of your business. Its tough but I believe thats the best thing to do.


Block out negative with positive thoughts . cant control others or their actions just concentrate on you ,just have to accept the things you cant change


How others behave is not your problem, think positively and thank god that your not one of them


Think of them as an obstacle being put in your way. A test of your own mental strength.

If you can remain positive and focussed despite having those influences going on around you … Take solace in that.

Great that you love your work, btw! What a difference that can make!


I imagine negative people as flys or mozzies that with a swift swat and a shoo fly don’t bother me attitude they soon go away . Sometimes you have to use a repellent for those pesky ones that don’t go away, that would be the equivalent to creating a protective barrier for yourself, let’s call that an invisible barrier or “Your personal boundary line” , so you create this between you and the pest , they only know it exists when they fly too close to it and then get instantly repelled. So yea set some boundarys for yourself and don’t let those pests cross over it. Hope that helps. :blush:


I generally greet people trying to engage me in some workplace drama shenanigans with a not-quite-blank stare, and a mm-hmm noise that sounds like a classic MN “that’s interesting”. People seem to get the idea that I’m not interested in engaging, it doesn’t make them defensive, and I think the stare invites them to think about what they were saying even if it’s just to make sure I could understand. Generally I think people know deep down when they’re being shitty, so it makes them just uncomfortable enough to not want to repeat the exercise. Either way they figure out they’re not going to find whatever drama they’re looking for with me and leave me out of it.


It’s all in your head. So you can change how you see the world around you.

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Bit like my old job. Full of horrible people. Back talkers. Alcoholics and drug users. Its a blessing im not there anymore tbh.

Do what you need to do now. Forget about them . In one ear out the other .

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