Worried I’ll lose my most fun self

I don’t think I was very funny when I was drinking, and I’m probably not funny hah hah now. Just not a funny person. But I also wasn’t anything else good back then, whereas now when I’m with friends I can be caring, empathetic, supportive… and I have a lot of time and energy for plans, projects and all sorts of together things. It’s so much better.


I felt like this too. I’ve even been told I was way more fun when I was drinking. Social events always scared me, and drinking always made me feel like the great divide between myself and other people wasn’t impossible to bridge. I confess I do still miss that. But I have just become very selective of the invites I accept. I stay as long as I am genuinely having fun. The second I stop having fun, I leave. I don’t make excuses. I don’t wait for people and ask if they need rides. I don’t even say goodbye. I just fade away and go home sober with no regrets the next day. It’s actually a rewarding way to be. I’ve also become sort of a unicorn in these social settings- like there is a rare sighting of the mythical beast, oh wait, nope, she’s gone. I echo the observation of many here that drinking made boring times seem interesting. There is much more power and satisfaction in being genuinely entertained and pleased by company and then just leaving when the feeling sours.


I’ve been told i was way funnier drinking. In fact, those days aren’t even a memory. I was so drunk those days that it disturbs me, the only true memories are if there was a picture taken. Then, the person showing the picture has to tell me about the picture. Some fun times, good times.

I only wish i was there to enjoy them.

Now, i intend to have fun and be sober. Which in itself is really fun. I remember fun times, sad times, and my fun self.

It’s my most fun self that i found


Ive always been fun and sobriety allowed me to be fun-ER because i dont need alcohol now to disinhibit me and let myself go, i dont fear or even honestly care what others think the more time moves on. My fun comes from a different place, comes from courage and wanting to better connect, to myself and others.

I did grieve though also letting go of “that drunk fun” person and its just knowing something better awaits with sobriety. …

Trust you’ll be fun if you are now :slightly_smiling_face:


I was only really “fun” for the first two…maybe three drinks. It was all downhill after that.


You may be all those things. I am, still humorous though. People did lose interest in me, oh well there’s 8 Billion! Alcohol is still attached to your social profile, once you stop caring about being interesting to others you’ll start to appreciate sobriety. Sobriety isn’t trendy, it isn’t brag worthy, it isn’t temporary. Sobreity is the first step to whatever you’re on this forum for which is most likely a healthier you. If people don’t respect your journey, they don’t deserve you.


From my personal experience, the alcohol did nothing to enhance my personality. I was neither fun nor funny to be around. I WAS fearful, though, of how I was going to cope with crap in a sober state of mind. It’s still hard some days, but it’s so much better dealing with life with a clear head and my reasoning powers fully intact.


Yes!!! So true

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Just loving reading through all these responses. Look at us all owning life and our true selves without hiding behind alcohol.

My biggest takeaway: Being drunk does not equal having a personality.


Yeah, it’s almost like being drunk is not actually a personality! Who knew? :smile::sunglasses:


Some people will lose interest in you, but those are not yours anyway.
Stick to those who like the sober-you, those are your tribe :heart:

I think what’s a little depressing is that you think you need alcohol to be an interesting person worth being around.

“… you worry that without a drink I’ll be boring, undynamic, not funny and people will lose interest in me.”

When you’re sober, you’re the true version of yourself. Not a wannabe extrovert that has to chug a load of drink to achieve it.

Maybe, the real you isn’t that terrible.

Welcome to TS :+1: