WOW 3 Hrs Of Normal

Day 5 yesterday and something awesome happened. From around 12 noon to 3pm I had a period without thinking about my drinking :grin::grin::joy: staying busy as always but without planning my next 12 pack. I didn’t even realize at first. My wife was holding my hand as we walked through the woods. She camly said Wayne, its been so long! You see we’ve been married 35 yrs this December an she felt what I was feeling. Almost dropped this Old Marine to its knees.


That’s one of the reasons why I quit drinking. Hated that contant voice in my head telling me when and how much I should drink.
Promise you now: how longer the string of sober days, how calmer your head!
Love it! :heart:
You will love it too and so is your wife! She’s got your full attention from now on!
Congratulation with day 5 :tada:


The mental gymnastics managing a drinking life. How exhausting was that sh*t??

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Keep at it!

That’s such a beautiful realization - and those little windows of magic lengthen with time. Keep doing what you are doing!

:hugs: Thanks all