Wow was only a dream

Has anyone had a dream where you were drinking or using but then wake and it feels real i even started to think back to what went wrong before i realised .
Made me so happy when i did lol :laughing:


Dude…sometimes I have dreams that I’m smoking meth and I wake up super amped up…dilated pupils and everything. It takes about 5 to 10 min for me to calm down…feels like the real thing :grimacing:


Hello, yes it is very common. Do not worry, when you wake up sensation is strange: on one side you feel relax, on the other side you are a frightened because you think you could relapse or, maybe, you are not complete sure you have not drink.

From my side it works next: relax, try to think in my sobriety, think in that dream was only a seem related with the past, and try to focus on present. Past is past.

But I know, it is an strange sensation, as if you could not forget what you were. But now you are sober, and this is the most important thing.

kind regards.


All the time. I’m 5 years sober and still have em, just the other day I had one. They’ve evolved into a series where the next dream picks up where the last one left off, it’s kind of trippy.

Type “drinking dream” in the search at the top to see how common it is! It’s an interesting phenomenon.


Yes, we all have them some times I guess.
This info helped me a lot:


I had one last night …i was drinking and my mother kept telling me over and over what a disgrace of a human i was…what a terrible mother i was…the sheer dissapointment and pain in her face…exactly how she was with me when i really was in active addiction and i re lived all those feelings of pure worthlessness. I was glad to wake up this morning


Yes, I have had dreams like that. Phew, what a relief to wake up and realize it was just a dream.
The last one I had, I woke up panicked, then relieved that it was only a dream.:sunny:

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That was my doc.

It really freaks me out when it happens but i try to tell myself oh it was just a dream lol


Thanks guys yeah it was like i had gone back to old ways but this time was getting hassle for giving up it was very real as said when i woke i literally tried to rewind it back to think what i did last night like i used to in the mornings after,freaky. Thats why this forum is so good knowing others have had them means im not sitting here thinking im going mad well any madder :laughing:


I’ve only had 1 drinking dream, I’m newly sober so I could probably expect more. I was out in a theatre watching ballet & drinking cognac I’d never go to watch a ballet & I certainly wouldn’t drink cognac in real life. In my dream i was saying to the face less person who was accompanying me how ridiculous this was lol
When I woke up I was very amused that my brain took me on such a random journey :joy:


:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: mine were many. I use to say meth cured me of all my addictions lol. Even alcohol, because once I tried that…nothing else was the same.

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Never had a dream where I was drinking, but I can imagine it could be quite unsettling