Yay Triple Digits ... but feels like its getting harder!

Today is day 100! I am super proud and excited about it. Overall this has been a lot easier than I had imagined in the sense that I see the positive in more things, I handle stress much better and have found that I CAN have a lot of fun without alcohol. But lately I have found myself considering drinking again.

My husband just brought up having a second child the other night and since then it keeps popping into my mind. My plan has been to just continue to stay sober but for some reason the idea of now being pregnant and definitely not drinking for 9 months makes me crave a drink before then. It also seems like the longer I go without drinking the more the idea of being able to manage my drinking again comes into play. It terrifies me. I really don’t want to end up back where I was or worse.

I know the right thing to do I just needed to share my thoughts.


I think it’s normal. I’m at 474 and still have those considerations. Just less of often and they are less scary because I expect them.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong wth thinking about it. As long as you think it through to the end. For example don’t just think about having a drink. Think about what is most likely going to happen after that, like more drinks, higher risk of complete relapse , shame, disappointment in yourself, mood swings starting over etc.

Also anything that you think of that makes you feel like you need a drink may need some unpacking. Maybe your not ready for another kids and you should take the fact that your triggered as a big red flag.

Either way, congrats. Keep having these conversations with yourself don’t run from any feeling and keep focused on your daily sobriety. You are doing great :slight_smile:


Lol yah, I just mean not to run from her thoughts simply because they are scary. And that she should examine uncomfortable feelings. Obviously none of us know what conclusion she will come to, but I still sat its ok to think and explore your feelings concerning sobriety etc.

I definitely agree that there’s no point in worrying though.

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Best advice I have heard!

Proud of you beautiful!! Assess yourself. Remember why you set out to do this. Remember this pride, and if you can remember the guilt you felt that brought you to this decision in the first place. You made it to 3 digits. How great will it feel to be 4 digits?! To say definitively, without fear or doubt, that you have conquered the seemingly impossible.

I have been feeling that same way. I think it is fear of the unknown. Upset to not be one of the very few that can enjoy a single alcoholic drink. But ultimately this is better for you.

Make sure you are ready to have another baby. Explain to your partner that the planning of the addition of a new child has you with alternative thoughts in your mind. Be open and honest with yourself and those around you. No judgement

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Thank you for sharing . Wow congrats on 100days :clap::clap::muscle::muscle::muscle: i think it’s normal to be a litle triggered when a 2 Child is brought up . As u Said u know what to do and u got your hubby to Lean onto . Working togheter trough your thoughts .why ruin all the good things in life ? So much to be grateful of . U can beat this idea of drinking . Close that door . Best wishes only good is yet to come