Yesterday was tough

Hi everyone . Haven’t posted since my day one hangxiety post . I’m on day 8 I’m feeling really good this morning ! How ever omg last night was hard ! I mean I cannot believe I even felt that way . Like it was so weird how much I wanted a glass of wine and how much that waged a war in my head ! Thank god my husband was like you are doing so great . And I didn’t want to ask him to get me wine out of disappointing him but man did I battle in my mind . I even hoped he changed his mind . So many triggers happened yesterday too that I noticed , I was super productive with work , at home I got everything done ! So that was a huge trigger , came 5 pm and boom bring on the glass of wine …… usually anyhow … anyhow there was no wine , and when I realized that it wasn’t happening I just ate and then reflected on how intense and long that craving was . Wow . But I had no wine and today I woke up hangover free . Has anyone else experienced this ? Cause that shit was wild !


Great work not giving in. Yes this is normal. Around the first few days and even weeks depending on how intense the addiction was, these cravings happen. Your brain is trying to trick you. You will feel even better as time goes by and will start becoming more and more productive. The dopamine receptors are calling out to you and they will. Let it go to voicemail because you are busy being productive (working, exercise, family, eating well, sleeping, etc.) Carry on you got this.


Thank you , ok good to know about the dopamine receptors . I wonder if I can like work. Instead to get dopamine in that moment if that makes any sense ? Like to stop the craving ?

9 days that great to hear.
congratulations and its nice to hear you have stuck with it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :blush: :pray:t4:

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With time you will start liking and enjoying other things. It takes time. Your brain and body are rebalancing. Trust me, in the end it is all worth it.

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I have hope . Yesterday was hard but I got through and maybe when it happens again I can get through. After realizing today how good I felt today .


I have that same trigger! It was Friday and I had a good day at work. House was completely clean and laundry done. I’m staring a 3 day weekend in the face thinking I could drink tonight and be hungover tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter.

But I didn’t. I had to go to the gym at like 8 pm or I was gonna drink. Went to the gym and the craving left me. Glad I didn’t drink. Day 15.


Good job! I have similar battles. I’ve been reaching for sparkling waters and trying to keep busy. One day at a time.


Great job on charging through it! Every time you ignore the addict voice it gets ever so slightly quieter. Make sure you right down all of the reasons why you are stopping drinking. All of the bad things that happened and all of the things you are going to achieve sober. The addict brain can be a sneaky little bugger so be prepared. With the cravings coming and going be aware of H.A.L.T. When you crave check that you are not hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Any one of these things can make the craving start. For more info on H.A.L.T type it into the search function at the to of the oage. There is some super advice on it. Good job, keep going, together we are stronger :pray:t2::two_hearts:


Yes ! Be hung over and it’s all good! That’s me too!!! Glad you got through yours ! Maybe I willl try working out when that happens ! Thank you :blush:

That’s great! Yes one day at a time ! And yes I read that always having a water or some sort of non alcoholic
Drink on hand also helps! Going to try also!

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Awesome success! I had similar experiences and took a walk knowing I had a gym session scheduled for the morning. Amazing how much better workouts are when you are sweating actual sweat instead of alcohol! Good work!


Thank you ! And I am going to write that down ! Also I was hungry I ended up eating after I knew there was no way to get booze as stores were close . It’s like the war ended in my head and poof I was ok . Thanks again !

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Yeah I think this is a common trait, I’m 532 days in and I just got to the point where I questioned why do I drink so much water cause it was a typical trait I had when drinking. You just find those situations and work on them from there, so find something that’s going to keep you busy at those moments you’re anticipating triggers :metal: well done on your days!

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I am also on my day 8 and the craving hit me like a semi truck. I work at home and as soon as my meetings ended I was like craving wine or champagne.

I realize it is a bad habit that I formed trying to get comfort in alcohol. I actually ended up drinking 4 cans of soda as a substitute. Not very healthy but it kicked the craving. I woke up today and got so much done with the house and was very patient with my daughter and played with her the entire day. I have so much more energy it’s amazing.

When the cravings come try to substitute it for something else less damaging. Today I had amazing bowl of soup I cooked and sugar free soda and water, mostly water

Let’s do this together, we can do it :muscle:t5: