You are all so amazing, I can see it i hope u start to also

Everyone I’ve looked at on here just the things your saying alone, you are so brave and strong coming on here and sharing only is the bravest and just most amazing thing to me it really warms my heart and it gave my faith back, really. I started thinking this world is so fucked that everyone is drugy trashy people that don’t want to change I’ve met so many druggies that are just straight hoes and disrespectful and honestly I figured this is everyone In the world now but you all showed me wrong. I know now people still have feelings and that there is people that want to change out there and I can’t seem to find you all in person (lol) but I’m happy to know people like you are out there still. :grinning::heart::sparkling_heart::blue_heart::two_hearts:


If you can find the right communities of people (took me a while to find them myself), it’s a huge huge recovery tool. And you get to make friends sometimes :slight_smile:


I mean usually I would say these things are dumb but, I guess I’m looking at things with an open mind now and I’m actually relating to how everyone else seems to feel but it’s kinda odd I feel like I’m relating more to the drinkers and I’m really not one I drank myself half to death at 15 trying to hide my pain and it really thought me a lesson I am an occasional drinker but I think that’s perfectly ok as long as u don’t over do it