You should be grateful to pick up dog poop... Unique take on gratitude


Haha. Great topic eh? My sponsor told me something so interesting today. "You should be grateful to pic up dog shit.

I was like, Huh? So he went on to explain. In order to pick up your dogs shit you must have a dog. You must care about that dog enough to feed it so it can eventually shit. You must have a home for the dog to live in. You must have a yard for the dog to shit in. You must have a shovel and a bag.

Then he went deeper. You must care about something more than yourself to pick up that shit. If you were drinking, you wouldn’t give a shit about picking up the shit. You wouldn’t give a shit about anything besides yourself and your next drink.

So there it is folks. That is why today I am grateful to pick up dog shit😉


So much truth, such a funny way to get the point across! :blush:
And I'm grateful my dogs go shit in the woods :wink: :laughing:


That is truly deep.

I love your sponsor man. You have told many tales of what your sponsor says. All of them awesome.

Picking up dog shit is never gonna be the same again.

Now when i see a man running around a park laughing manically with a bag of dog shit in his hand i will know he’s a quitter too!


Thanks, now I can’t get that image out of my mind :joy::joy:


Hahaha. Laughing all the way!!


@Gabe.G I really like this. It’s a great way to look at things, and funny. My dog has really helped me stay sober this week. I can’t take care of him if I’m drunk. He had surgery and has to be carried outside and there is medicine to deal with, etc… I haven’t had time to drink since he got home from the vet. As awful a situation as it is, it has propelled me to stay on task and be present so I make sure he recovers. I don’t have children, so typically I’m left to my own devices. I’m choosing to see the positive during a pretty negative time.


@Caustic here’s an old one :slight_smile:


That was funny but also pretty powerful. Thanks for sharing!!


Golden I love this. Sponsors can really put it ways that we don’t get it. They can relate and make you feel like you’re not alone, that you’re not the worst thing in the world. That there is a brighter side to life.


I feel like this should be in every dog park and major park…people never pick up poops at the ones I go to in Austin.

I really like the message. Thanks for sharing. ヘ(^_^)ヘ


My husband must be really grateful. He picked up an entire shopping bag full of our dog’s shit today.


Are you grateful for a husband willing to poop-scoop?


Yes! I am grateful that there is poop to scoop, and that my husband will do it!


@Caustic I dig this up :joy:


I remember this one haha. It’s already got my “heart” on it!


This reminds me of Simon Pegg’s interview where he disclosed for the first time that he was an alcoholic, now in early recovery. He ends with this: 'Doing the school run, picking up dog shit, all that stuff is what’s important to me and I need to keep doing it,” he says, with another manic laugh. “I had to deal with a disgusting one this morning,” he adds, grimacing at the memory. “It was like Armageddon. But as I crouched on the floor with a wet wipe in my hand, I did stop and think to myself – this is the life.” :blush:


So glad this popped up. Due to my addiction, after rehab we had to move in with my in laws because we got into debt and husband couldn’t pay for Bill’s alone…(long story of you haven’t read my posts lol)
I complained this morning that I’m so sick of picking up dog poop (mil shows dogs) but this puts it into a perspective that I should be grateful and kinda thankful.

So thank you.