You're not powerless

Day 890 I’ll let you know when I reach 1000.

You do have power. You are not powerless and God won’t keep you sober. Only you can!! You have to save yourself.


I am glad you are doing it! Great job. I will tell you I am powerless to alcohol. I will not force my recovery on anyone but I will stand up for my higher power. Yes I have prayed several times today because I get comfort from that. Your recovery is yours to work I will not bash it but not sure why you need to bash several of ours. I’m not looking to argue just pointing out the irony.


Wow, that’s great!! 1000 in 10!! :slight_smile: i am too not powerless to alcohol… I look for strength within and it works for me! I was brought up catholic so i can see both ends :slight_smile: x



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The way I see is is you who you have to wake up with in the morning and look in the mirror. It’s you who has to suffer and is you who decides to use again. You have to be honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable. I’m not bashing religious people, but some people need to realise the key to success is within yourself and only within yourself. You can engage with recovery services and they can guide, advise and help, but it’s you who decides to relapse as it was you who decided to get help in the beginning.

I have a friend who really struggles and is a firm believer in God as his higher power. He prays all the time over alcohol and even everytime he starts his car, but the thing is he relapses every 3-6 months. When he goes he drinks 2 litres of vodka a day for about 3 weeks, until he can’t keep it inside of him and he’s admitted to the hospital. It happens over and over again. I’ve told him exactly what I’ve said here and that God won’t save him only he can, but he doesn’t accept it.


Firstly congratulations on 890 days.

Perhaps your higher power is within? I don’t view higher power as God in the way most religious people do. It is not a religion to me, it’s more scientific and spiritual.

Will power is required to stay sober and we have to get that from somewhere, power requires an energy source and in the basic laws of physics energy is not created or destroyed it is simply converted from one form to another and it takes many different forms. Perhaps will power is generated and converted from a higher power.

Your friend might pray to God, but is it his true understanding of God he is praying to, has he searched inside to discover it or does he go by what he was taught to believe?

Having been brought up Catholic myself I had a journey of self discovery, to let go of what I was taught/made to believe and have formed my own conclusions now.

God is a made up word/name which people misinterpret in my opinion, I respect others opinions who may think differently to me. Higher power and energy in the universe that we don’t and won’t ever truly understand is what exists in my opinion. It is forces and energy all around us which we cannot see but they exist. Some we have discovered an understanding of, such as gravity, but I think there’s a lot more out there that we have yet to discover and some we may never discover. By finding things like the Higgs Boson particle, we are only going to open up more unanswered questions, where did it come from for example? No big answer has ever really came out.

I don’t know the answers, but these are my views and if you think I’m crazy then so be it, I know I can get energy from food, the sun, exercise etc, etc, and perhaps I can get energy and power from a source or field that I cannot see, but I can feel and if I connect and channel it in the right way I can convert it to will power and other positive things we are capable of achieving.

Your views are your views, mine are mine, others are theirs. I am not telling you you are wrong, however, if people find strength from a God to keep them sober then isn’t that just wonderful and long may it continue. Hopefully they are using their sobriety and helping mankind.


You’re saying God won’t keep me sober, yet God IS keeping me sober. I’m confused, buddy.

Don’t be, what works for you works for you. No one has the right to tell you how to approach these things, you are your own person with your own independent thought.

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I don’t think the original post is meant to say that you can’t trust in a higher power…I think it just means that you can’t sit back and do nothing expecting your higher power to save you. YOU have to do the work. God (if that is your higher power) provides for us all the tools to do that work but we still have to be willing to get up and do it. I think sometimes people put too much emphasis on what God has done for them and not give themselves enough credit for their own hard work. We are all warriors here, not helpless victims.