Youtube preview not working

Hi there,

Since a couple of days Youtube preview doesn’t work by the usual way for me, which is simply copypasting the link on my windows 10 PC. Happens on both Chrome and Firefox. Cleared chache and history. Here’s an example:
Any ideas as to why? Cheers
Edit: It does work from my android phone, using the share link function from my Youtube app.

I can see your video but I got the app on my phone have you tried that?

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All you should need to do is put the link for the video on its own line. The shortened URL from Share Link seems to work:

But yeah. For some reason the full URL format doesn’t work @Robin?

I can also see the video previews. I am on a PC browser.

I can’t. Can you see this one Robin?

I can’t see the previews for these links of yours either.

Let me have a try… This is fun!

EDIT: seemed to work for me posting your link. On Android using the TS app

Not yet, but it probably just takes the server a while to fetch and generate it.

I don’t think so @Robin. Like I said, grabbing a shared link from my android app works. But not copypasting it directly from youtube in my browser on pc. Here’s one from a couple of days ago when I first noticed.

I think it may have something to do with the fact YouTube links from a desktop browser are different to the link generated in a mobile app - they are longer with more characters.
Maybe the mobile apps need the mobile link to properly generate the preview?

I do think that’s the difference too AyBee.

That’s not it I think. I’m typing this on my pc. As I do most of the times. The preview doesn’t show here in my browser. Nor does it in the android apps (Talking Sober and Sober Time)

Welp… I’ve exhausted my technical ability.
Time to leave it to the experts!

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I think I can help!!!

Watch this little video I made on gyazo… if you are already doing this sorry for getting excited. hahahaha