You've tried everything else try God!

My story let’s see… I grew up in a small town where there wasn’t much to do but get in trouble (that’s not an excuse). my life became full of children before finishing school and marriage. life got stressful fast, also not an excuse. so with the wear and tear on my mental health and my body I began to look for ways to make it easier ways to fix what I called broken or at least numb it. so it started with a routine visit to the doctor and him prescribing some pills I took them 1 turned into two 2 turned into three, pretty soon I was abusing them. after years of doing this it wasn’t doing it anymore. it wasn’t only not taking the edge off it wasn’t working at all!! I’ve become immune. and I was on to the next way to make my brain think I was fixing what I called broken. I was introduced to heroin in 2018 it lasted for about 8 months. I went down very fast and very hard. hit rock bottom almost lost my family and my kids my marriage, everything I work so hard for!! so I gave it up and I got better!!!got into treatment, found my faith! found something to Believe in!! renewed my love accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and the rest is history now I’m on my way to talkin sober with the rest of you!


PS. You won’t have to worry about me trying to shove my beliefs down your throat and hold you accountable for anything that’s not my job. My job is to find others like me who want to share their walk an their testimony. How they got threw dark times who knows maybe we can learn from one another in the do’s an do nots. My main goal is reach one teach one…:wink::wink::thinking:


So I’ll start. What’s one thing god or your higher being or the universe or what have u did for you in your “past life” we will call it that literally saved you life an you just knew it had to be something bigger than you that made it happen?

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So for me it would have been when I was driving in my past life an I fell asleep driving. Woke up just in time to peer over the side of the road ware their was no side rails but I didn’t go over. Or else I wouldn’t be able to give this testimony…can’t have a testimony with out a test! Thank the father he was watching me while I sleep.#continuetowatchovermesleeporwoke

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Amen! Nothing changes but change!


Feb 1st 2017 I was saved and a demon inside me died.


I had been holding on to a deep wound for a long time. So long that I barely knew it was still there, even though the evidence of the throbbing, unhealed wound was obvious if you took the time to look. When I would remember it, my anger and hurt would flare up in a way that was frightening.

The first and only time I ever talked about it with someone, I felt as though I was about to die.

It took experiencing forgiveness and unconditional love for me to finally forgive and let the bitterness and anger go. It felt, quite literally, like a malevelont force being ripped out of me. It was the beginning of a truly free life, without shame or guilt.

Since then I have been able to love more deeply, be more vulnerable, be more confident.

Many here believe in God or a higher power. For me, I had a God sized hole that only Jesus could fill. I tried other things - drugs, alcohol, porn, money, possessions, education, prestige, accomplishments, people - and everything else left me feeling empty. What I needed was a right relationship with God and the unshakeable feeling of love and purpose that comes with it.


On a scale of one to ten how hard was your day today. Mine was probably close to a 5 we had 2 kids at the doc today. An a third that came with cuz she is not old enough to be able to be left at home alone. So yea that was fun. NOT!!! We did everything from labs to exams to x-rays to pharmacy pick up to scheduled fallow ups…I’m tired I just want to be still for a moment. Just one moment. Threw it all blessed to have a doc to go to, an meds to get them better…thank you Jesus for small miracles!!:wink::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::scream::mask::revolving_hearts::100::raised_hands::muscle::pray::pray: Blessings to you all!!

Been sick for 2 days missed check ins but I’m back an feeling better! Clean days 98!!

Thank you Father for being a faithful God!! Giving this interview up n your hands

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Day 107is here!