1 year anniversary

1 year down! It’s been crazy journey this year but feeling positive.
Unlike last time I stopped I’ve tried to fill the gap with positive things including getting fit and new hobbies.


Congratulations :partying_face:

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thats awesome, congratulations! :+1:

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My new hobby is American style smoking and BBQ.

Loving it! I’ve even started building an outdoor kitchen.



Well done and congratulations!! :confetti_ball:

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I’ve also worked on getting much healthier. Losing weight yes but overall lifestyle. So far I’ve lost 2st and I’m much fitter. Just another 2st to go!


Sorry for the showing off a bit but if you can’t show off on your first years anniversary when can you right guys.



This is all just marvelous to read and see!!! I love all your positive changes!!

Great congratulations on your year!!! And it is always a treat to see you here!! :orange_heart::slightly_smiling_face::orange_heart:

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Looks delicious!

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Thank you sassy l. Great to hear from you again. It’s been a while.

Hope you are well :+1:

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Thanks i feel so much better than a year ago :blush:


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Thanks Tommy! On to the next year mate :+1:

Yay, good to see this @Quinny251!

Thanks mate!

Hope you are well?

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Congrats! Such a huge accomplishment

Congratulations! You’ve made some remarkable changes. So proud of you.

Yeah man! All’s good here thanks.

A massive well done and great willpower