12 x 12 group

Introduction to 12 and 12

Welcome to 12 and 12, each month we discuss
a different Step and Tradition, we use the book Twelve
Steps and Twelve Traditions as our Text. Each Sunday
Tuesday and Friday We have a topic of the Week.

This is a closed meeting so you must affirm the Third
Tradition to belong on this list.

This is an email list, we comment on the Topic’s
By email. This is a 24/7 meeting. We use the
Book: Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and
The Big Book. To write to the list, type
12and12@googlegroups.com in the to:
line or hit reply to a post sent to the list.

When you post on 12 and 12, please do not add
Attachments. It is also frowned on to put a person’s
Name in the To: line, as some believe it is a private
Post and skip past that post. You can post to the
List, 12and12@googlegroups.com In most cases
You will just hit Reply and the Address will appear.

You can find a copy of the books online at

We also have open discussion on Topics of interest to
our members. They must be listed as Off Topic, There
are Three Topics each week Sunday, Tuesday, Friday,
each week, other than that there is the Step and
Tradition of the Month. You can also write any time about
anything off topic that has to do with your sobriety, these
will be Titled Off Topic.

On this Site you can only quote from the Big Book or
The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. This is
Important to remember, as there are a lot of good
Quotes out there. But, we focus on just these two
Books. I have added “As Bill Sees It.”

Important to remember on 12 and 12, we do not insult
other members for their opinion. This is a closed
meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and we leave other
problems at the Door. Also here you only announce
as an Alcoholic.

The following is the Etiquette for 12 and 12,
and it is important that you read it before


We ask everyone to refrain from personal attacks -
at both group level and in private communication. AA’s
foundation is one alcoholic loving and helping another
alcoholic. We are here to carry the message of AA,
not our personal agendas. No advertisements of
any type are allowed on this list. It is referred to
as Spam and will cause the immediate removal of
the offending person.

No Attachments, this includes fancy letter head as
Most members will not open Attachments.

It is important to note that if someone posts you Private
that you respect that and keep the post private. Do
Not send a Private post to the list.

Outside issues, should be left at the Door when entering
an AA meeting. This is especially true of Politics and
Religion. Our Primary Purpose for being here is our
problem with Alcohol. We tell our Story in a General
way, about life without Alcohol. This can include Weather,
Health, and Family. Often there is guilt with Family
And talking about this helps.

Tradition Five makes it clear that an AA meeting
has one primary purpose the Alcoholic that still
suffers. For that reason, limit your sharing to
your problem with Alcohol. Your personal ESH.

Personal attacks will result in immediate
removal without any discussion.

Bill Gabriel - listkeeper


@siand this is a topic I’d like to invite a mod to have look.



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Think he may have meant ModSquad

I think it was to start with but have seen modaquad elsewhere… I assume a typo that just turned into its own thing :grin:


If you would like us to add details of a new group to the Resources for our Recovery thread, please post a link to the group website below. Otherwise please be mindful that this comes over more like an advert, which by your own definition is spam.

I am minded to leave this topic up in case anyone would like to discuss it or has any comments on the 12 x 12 Group.

Also a friendly reminder that if anyone does want to join the 12 x 12 Group this involves sharing your email address. If you want to remain anonymous consider setting up a new email account.


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Thanks for pointing out derailment, posts were moved accordingly.

Glad to see y’all derailed a thread of someone who is just looking to connect people with AA resources. Just a reminder that AA is a free program. We see ads on here all the time for all sorts of random things, I don’t see how a free resource is any worse of an ‘advert’.

Thank you OP for providing this resource!


I just thought it wasn’t okay to promote outside program let alone a specific group.
That’s why I called in mods :innocent:


No it’s good to share details of various programmes. Comments and conversation about different recovery paths is totally welcome :blush:

I did think the way the post was written came over a bit like an ad/spam because of the way it was copy & pasted. But it seemed like the intention of the post was to share details of a resource that people might find useful.

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