13 days without alcohol and my body howls for the poison

Pain… And nothing but pain


I remember that. Some people would say go to a meeting. And I’d say that’s great advice.

For me I put on my ear buds cranked up some angry gangsta rap and powered walked my angry ass off. Twice a day. I was so angry that I couldn’t drink like a normie. And 2 really long hot showers a day. One of them after my afternoon power walk around when I’d usually be having cocktails. Then lots of sparkling water and a relaxing dinner.
Just for today. Don’t drink. Today’s the only day that matters.


Anything to get your mind off it… a run or walk. Music or a great movie. Just get through today and tomorrow is a new day.


Just for today :grin: every time I try quit I try some new method. Although nothing has really worked. Im trying this one now ‘just for today’ I always worry about the weekends or some dinner that I need to attend in a weeks time and then as a result of that, start feeling anxious. I think my mind also tends to shift focus after a few days. Like hey I’m on day 4 sober, let me now start focusing on my fitness. And that doesnt help, have to focus on the sobriety as top priority :boom:


Ice cream. :rofl: Eat a whole gallon of ice cream whenever you have a craving. After a month your weight gain will be noticeable and you’ll start dieting and suddenly you’ll have been sober a month and the intense cravings are mild and easily dismissed. Best wishes!

Hey Kels nice to see you still fighting the good fight and checking in.
It’s nice to find a good mantra that fits.

Mine is “I’m not drinking today! And I’m probably not drinking tomorrow.” It’s been working for me.

I came across this today on an old thread. I thought I’d share it with you. Just what you need right? More reading :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Anyway. Check it out if you like. Or maybe just book mark it for later. It’s got some great shares in it.

Take care.

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