155 days and it was all worth it

So i was on a bendor for a few years with my dad from when i was 18-20 years after his fiancé left him. There wasnt really anyone there to say no so we kinda stopped being father and child and became eachothers enablers.

We were living in a trailer then a small shack that wasnt even big enough for 5 people becuase he couldnt afford a apartment. we had his friends come over and drink and it got pretty bad to the point that all we did in our free time was drink, we even filled the back of a pickup truck full of bottles and that was only for the winter😓.

I dont blame him cuz i was an adult by then and he had stuff going on that made his day to day life difficult.

I moved in with my aunt after he moved into a motel that was only offering one room and it wasnt really big enough for both of us so i stayed behind. It took alot of her asking before i actually accepted her help, im nonbinary and pansexual and shes a johovah witnesses so i was a bit scared of her way of living and the possibilities but thankfully shes been so helpfull and doesnt judge me on who i am.

She helped me get back on my feet and set my priorities a bit more in line. I got my licence and a full time job that i actually enjoy. And shes given me the support i need to get were i am and where i need to be.

Sorry for this being so long i just needed to vent to someone or someones who get how easily one can fall into a pit that seems impossible to climb out of. And i hope this helps someone to see that its ok to accept help and to know that change is possible.


Welcome!! I’m glad you’re here :heartpulse:


Wow @Alicia_flame your story is inspiring thanks for sharing! I especially love how your auntie came through for you and you let yourself be helped and guided even tho you guys’ values and believes are so very different. That’s amazing.

Congrats on your sober time! Keep going strong, you’re doing something right!

Here are some more resources to delve further into recovery work:

Resources for our recovery

PS: and how are things now with your dad?


Welcome to our corner of the sober world, you are right that it’s an easy pathway down, and it can be a hard road back up. Focusing on each day as it comes and doing what’s in front of you is a good plan! Have a good look around, there is plenty of inspiration and good suggestions here.


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:
Its great to hear how well your doing you have came along way well done.


Its still a bit rocky hes trying to get himself together. I send him money every other time cuz hes not going so good in that department but i try to limit myself cuz ive given him around 1200 but am only expecting 500 if it back. Long story there sry for the late reply.

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Glad you came here to share and I hope you stick around and get some support.

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