19 days 11 hours 43 mine & I'm sitting in my car outside of a bar

I dont want to drink today.
I’m feeling bad right now and cant seem to sooth myself. I know drinking will make me feel worse.

I’m hungry, lonely, tired, & stressed… not angry, but really sad.

I guess I could just use a few words of encouragement right now.


Sending strength and love your way :two_hearts::two_hearts:
Go get something to eat! Something delicious. But do not go into that bar and do not have a drink. Let us know how you are doing :two_hearts::two_hearts:


How about you park somewhere else while talking to us?

You made the right choice asking for help. A strong choice! It’s like you’re doing chin ups right now with your sober muscles! You can find something more enjoyable to do! You are worth driving away from that bar and treating yourself in some other way. Because resisting alcohol here and now is worth celebrating in my opinion.


Drive away from the bar and get something you really like to eat.

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You can fight this demon. Just turn around and go to a place that doesn’t serve alcohol. Go get something to eat. You can fight this and get through it. Just remember how bad that hangover and regret will feel tomorrow.

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I’ll also add/echo that once you eat and get somewhere you can relax, you’ll feel better. Maybe you have a friend who’d happen to be free to do that with you if you’d like that.

I’m sorry today is so tough for you <3


If you dont want to drink, get away from the bar.

Alcohol, fatigue and Car keys do not go together.

You’re hungry; Get something to eat from a gas station; put some juice in your car, not your stomach - money better spent and a task ticked off tomorrow mornings to do list so you can spend an extra bit of time doing something else.

Go to bed - let us know when youre there. We’ve all got your back. :slight_smile:


In my driveway. I’m going to bed. Thank you.


Hey @Bigsky go treat yourself to a yummy meal and possibly some dessert! Sometimes cleaning can help me calm my mind…

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I’m so happy to read this. Thinking of you loads. Well don’t for checking in to ask for help and well done to go home. I’m so proud of you :two_hearts:

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Dammit, thats aweome!

I have me a ham and Picallili sandwich on the go right now (cut into diagonal halves) and id share if i could! :slight_smile:

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God Bless, Delores. ‘How’ is one of the most powerful vocal performances and makes my hair stand on end.

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Hey bigsky, you posted 30 minutes ago, how are you doing now?

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Having some dinner & crawling into bed soon to cry myself to sleep.
The craving passed. The little voice telling me,a few drinks would ease the pain was lying. Im not going to fall for that shit today. I’m going to wake up fress in the morning and that God for a 20th consecutive day without poising myself.

I fed the hunger. I’m still lonely, but got a hug & encouraging comment from my daughter, which helped. I cant fix the lonliness & stress,tonight.but I feel strong enough to navigate the rest of the evening. And that’ll is it easier to cope with the rest tomorrow what’s a fresh head after a good night sleep

I took a klonopin. Not proud of that. But I dont want to face this challenge again tonight.


You had a big challenge and you overcame it like a champ! And I can tell you’re reflecting on what happened (not everyone does) which will help give your sober voice a louder megaphone next time and make things easier.

I know I’m acting all chipper when you seem to be feeling down and exhausted, and I hope it isn’t annoying. I’m just trying to highlight the positives because when for myself when I’m having it rough I sometimes benefit from it a lot.


I’m so proud of you. Seriously. Tomorrow is a new day. You can come to it with a fresh perspective to develop a plan :two_hearts:


Fun fact I drove by four today I would normally go to. Intentionally. Wrestling with the well if this then that and why not. Ended up home and grateful✊. I hope no matter what happened you have a good night.


Hang in there!! YOU can DO IT!!! We all have bad days. Tomorrow is a new one! :heart:

Maybe try a meeting plenty of folk there been were you are now wish you well