20 days sober. Never expected this change

I’m trying to stay positive considering all that has occurred leading me to quit dabbing. I feel like it will be a change for the better in many aspects of my life. Since my breakup with my gf of 4 years I have learned how to live much more independently considering we had lived together ever since I moved out. I have learned just how much I took for granted the little things that she would do around the house. Although it is horrible tjat she is gone, I am looking at how it will be beneficial in the long run. Although my girl was a seemingly perfect for, there’s always other fish in the sea.


Hi @Onlygetsbetter

What is dabbing?

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I think he’s talking about THC dabs. Smoking dabs

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Thc concentrates…kinda like moonshine for pot smokers

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Yes I would Dab solventless Hash oil throughout the whole day, daily. I also would occasionally use other drugs. There wasn’t a whole lot I would deny besides heroin or meth. I am taking a break from everything besides having an occasional drink. I’m not a big drinker though so I don’t see that ever developing to be a problem for me. I typically only have 1-2 drinks most if I do decide to. I used to like Xanax a bit much and I have now realized just how horribly it effected me due to the results it has on my relationship and lifestyle when I would take it