2019 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)


Are those tree trunks or giants’ feet? That is a great picture, and knowing it’s in the 100 Acre Wood makes it even better.

When my elder kid was little, she would squeal and run over to the TV and kiss Pooh when the theme music played! We love us some Pooh round here!


Aw bless! They really look like feet don’t they!

We saw loads of rabbit and horse poo so hoping to see some actual rabbits and horses next time :rabbit2: :horse:


Love walking and hiking- it’s one of my hobbies. Living in the Peak District definitely helps

Anyone else use a Fitbit who wants to add me let me know… ?


Wow, where is that? As much as I like my BC mountains, that looks like somewhere I’d love to go walking some day :slight_smile:


Ha! My partner and I were looking at the copper challenge this morning. Small world eh?! We are no way ready for the silver one but thought it might be good to build it up over the years and give us a shared goal to work towards. Good luck with the training.


Winnats pass- Peak District, Derbyshire

10 mins from my house


Ha yes small world indeed! Copper sounds like a good place to start and hardly a walk in the park.


Did someone say… hiking?!

You bet your booty I’m in. 75 km. We going backpacking? :star_struck:


Skipped hiking yesterday for yoga but did take a walk up to where the class is based, up quite a steep hill through the woods. This little lady crossed my path on the way there.

I looked up the symbolism of blackbirds and apparently they represent infinite possibilities and a reminder to trust the path ahead. I’ll take it!


Infinite possibilities, how wonderful. I’d take that too. Best wishes


Came across this and while I don’t mind saying hiking, I like the idea of sauntering through the hills and forests.


8 miles done today. The pictures look all calm but really it was very windy. A few trees creaking as I walked through the woods on the hill, was glad that didn’t make up the majority of my route!

Something I really noticed today were the bits of blue sky and the spots where the sunshine crept through the trees. It seemed more obvious somehow because the wind was howling so much in the background. Made me think about the idea that the cracks are the places where the light gets through, and how you really wouldn’t appreciate it half as much if there wasn’t any darkness.


I’m so very jealous of the lack of snow!! We’re hitting the time of year when it gets stupid cold. Nostrils stick together when you breathe cold. Snow is so cold it crunches. I really want to go outside but I’m scared too. LOL

But it will warm up. Like the sun always rises in the morning the temperatures always warm up in the spring.


I’m jealous because here the snow can’t decide whether or not to stay. So it’s just ugly patches of snow and mud. If I’m going to go out hiking, I prefer real snow (it’s great cardio when it’s deep!) or no snow. Trade? I’ve been cheated out of real winter so far. You can have our 0 degree fall that won’t leave.


We don’t really get proper snow here but it is pretty mild for the time of year. I believe a cold snap is coming, although that is a tabloid news story every year (along with the heatwave in summer) so we will see!


Total tradesies!! Your out west, right? There was a possibility that we were moving to Victoria but it fell apart. I was so sad.

I’ll take the mild and rainy winter and you can have the bitter cold and snow that never melts until spring. Oh and the potholes!!


I’m out west, but in the interior, so it’s only somewhat milder, and very dry. But we have to trade back later! I like my beaches and hot dry summers :sunglasses::sunny::parasol_on_ground::icecream::swimming_man:


Aw. Yeah. We’re hot and humid summers. :hot_face:


Cool, overcast day over here. 6.5 miles today.

With a little pitstop for @siand


Goats AND piggies! What a treat :heart_eyes: